Slayers Trivia 101
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Slayers Trivia 101

Do you really think you know all there is to know about the world of Slayers? Test your Slayers mental fortitude with this trivia!

Question 1:In Slayers: The Movie, what character was a relative of Gourry?
Randy Gabriev
Rusty Gabriev
Gary Gabriev
Rezo Gabriev
Rowdy Gabriev

Question 2:What are the names of both voice actors for Xellos?
English: David Moo Japanese: Akira Ishida
English: John Truitt Japanese: Akira Ishida
English: David Blaine Japanese: Akira Toriyama
English: Akira Moo Japanese: David Ishida
English: Michael Blake Japanese: Akira Kujaku

Question 3:Who is Lina's english voice actor?
Lina Ortiz
Lisa Orbitz
Lisa Ortiz
Lara Ortiz
Lila Ortiz

Question 4:What is Xellos' signature gesture?
Peace sign
Big smile and wave
The Wink and Finger Waggle
Dark and brooding glare
Thumbs up

Question 5:What phrase is Xellos known best for?
Trust in the force.
Now that... Is a secret!
Mazoku Revenge!
That's not a secret...
Allow me to explain

Question 6:In Slayers Next, what is Lina searching for?
Dragon Slave Amulet
Claire Bible
Bow of Light
A cure for Zelgadis
Lord of Nightmares

Question 7:What is Lina's big sister's name?
Luna Inverse
Lemina Inverse
Ursa Inverse
Lora Inverse
Tina Inverse

Question 8:Who is Xellos' permanent master?
Zelas Metallium
Hellmaster Phibrizo
Demon Dragon King Gaav

Question 9:What does Namagomi mean? Who said it, who were they insulting?
Yogurt Brain, Lina said it, she was insulting Gourry.
Fruitcake, Lina said it, she was insulting Xellos.
Raw Garbage, Filia said it, she was insulting Xellos.
Criminal, Amelia said it, she was insulting Gaav.
Dragon Scum, Xellos said it, she was insulting Filia.

Question 10:What is Gourry's weapon?
The Sword of Chaos
The Sword of Dragons
The Sword of Rustiness
The Sword of Light
The Sword of Mazoku

Question 11:What did the Golden Dragons do to the Ancient Dragons?
Slaughtered them all, except Valgaav who escaped.
Sent them flowers
Teamed up against the mazoku
Took their strongest weapon
Exiled them

Question 12:In what series does Lina build a pyramid, carve a sarcphagus, hide in it, and cause the pyramid to bury itself in the sand? Why?
Slayers Next, She was trying to hide from the Mazoku
Slayers, She was trying to hide the philosopher's stone from Zelgadis and Rezo
Slayers Next, Xellos made her eat his cooking
Slayers Try, because she was afraid of Filia's dragon powers
Slayers Try, because her sister sent her a letter

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