Buffy Quiz 2
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Buffy Quiz 2

Here is a continued quiz of mine for Buffy fans. See how much you really know Buffy the vampire slayer.

Question 1:   On season three, what episode was about Angel and the first trying to convince Angel into killing himself?
Lie to me

Question 2:   Name Buffy's school egg that was assigned to them in season 2.

Question 3:   In what episode did Buffy realize that she had to die to save the world?
The Gift
Prophecy Girl

Question 4:   Harmony calls Spike

Question 5:   In season 6, what episode did Willow, Xander, Anya and Tara bring Buffy back from the dead?
Welcome to the Hellmouth Part 1 and 2
Bargaining Part 1 and 2
What's My Line Part 1 and 2

Question 6:   What was Joyce's boyfriends name?

Question 7:   What was Joyce's boyfriend?
Normal Guy

Question 8:   Sunnydale High Principal's tend to get....

Question 9:   Why did Angel come to Sunnydale in Season 4, and didn't tell Buffy?
Angel decided that he wanted to lurk around to see if Buffy was safe
Angel thought that if he didn't tell her, Buffy wouldn't get distracted
His sidekick had a vision about Buffy in danger, and he didn't tell her because he thought it would put her in more danger

Question 10:   What season was based on a hell god?
Season 4
Season 3
Season 5
Season 2
Season 6

Question 11:   Buffy's boyfriends tend to...
break up with her
bite her
leave town

Question 12:   When did Spike first realize that he loved Buffy?
He saw her get dressed
He saw her heart
He had a dream about kissing her

Question 13:   What did the Master need to get back on land?
The Slayer
Anointed One
The Vampire that sired him

Question 14:   In what episode did Spike need Angel to cure Druscilla?
Bargaining Part 1 and 2
What's My Line Part 1 and 2
Two to Go
Welcome to the hellmouth Part 1 and 2

Question 15:   Name the line of the slayers in order.
Buffy, Faith, Kendra, Potentials
Kendra, Buffy, Faith, Potentials...
Faith, Kendra, Buffy, Potentials..
Buffy, Kendra, Faith, Potentials...
Potentials, Buffy, Faith, Kendra

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