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Is your Spike trivia up to scratch?

Question 1:   What year did Spike become a vampire?

Question 2:   What is Harmony's nickname for Spike?
Blondie Bear
Honey Droplet

Question 3:   What were Spike's opening words on Buffy The Vampire Slayer?
"Bloody Hell."
"Home Sweet Home"
"Time to make a kill..."

Question 4:   Spike was comforted by who when Drusilla dumped him?
Joyce, Buffy's mum.
Xander, although he did it unwillingly.
Dawn, it was the first time they became close.
Buffy - then she tried to kill him.

Question 5:   What were two of Spike's nicknames for Dawn?
Nibblet and Little Bit
Nibbler and Sweet Bit
Dawnie and Lil' D

Question 6:   Who were the three other member's of Spike's "gang" when he first became a vamp?
Drusilla, Angelus and William.
Roberto, Angelus and Darla.
Drusilla, Angelus and Darla.

Question 7:   Why was Spike called William the Bloody?
He left a trail of his victim's blood spelling the initials WTB.
He's a vampire, duh! He drinks blood!
He was also known as the Bloody Awful Poet - he wrote terrible poetry!

Question 8:   Spike and his mates play poker for what unique currency?
Dragon's eyes.
Demon fingernails.

Question 9:   In "Tabula Rasa", where the gang lost their memories due to Willow's awry spell, what did Spike think his name was?
Henry Giles.
Xander Harris.
Randy Giles.

Question 10:   Where did Spike go to seek the return of his soul?
Los Angeles

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