Buffy and Spike Quiz
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Buffy and Spike Quiz

Do you think you know it all when it comes to Spike and Buffy? Take my quiz and find out!

Question 1:   What episode does Spike and Buffy first meet?
School Hard
Bargaining Pt. 1

Question 2:   What episode do Spike and Buffy first kiss?
Once More With Feeling
Something Blue

Question 3:   What episode do Spike and Buffy first kiss on their own free will?
Something Blue
Once More With Feeling

Question 4:   Why did Spike go to get his soul?
To get revenge on Buffy
Because he felt like it
He had to or he would die
He felt bad about what he did to Buffy

Question 5:   What episode did Buffy find out that Spike had his soul?
Beneath You

Question 6:   How does Spike give Buffy the power to go fight Caleb?
He tells Her that she is The One and he Loves Her
They work out
He does a spell on her
He doesn't

Question 7:   Where did Buffy get the necklace she gave to Spike?
The Monks

Question 8:   What did Buffy call Spike when she gave him the necklace?
Good Looking

Question 9:   When did Buffy finally tell Spike "I Love You"?
When he was dead
When they were fighting the Ubervamps
When he was burning at the end of "Chosen"

Question 10:   What were Buffy and Spikes Last Words at the end of "Chosen"?
Buffy: "That was fun" Spike: "Bye Hellmouth!"
Buffy: "Spike" Spike: "I wanna see how it ends"
Buffy: "Are you all okay?" Spike: "Goodbye Buffy"

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