The potentials-BtVS

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How much do you know about Sunnydales very own potential Slayers?

  • 1
    In the episode 'Bring on the night' Giles arrives in Sunnydale with which 3 potential slayers?
  • 2
    Out of these potentials, which one dies in the episode 'Dirty Girls?' Molly, Rona, Vi
  • 3
    What potential slayer was actually the first? (Buffy later found her dead in a motel.)

  • 4
    Kennedy said she knew she was gay when she was five and she was watching which movie?
  • 5
    Which Slayer did the First convince to kill herself?
  • 6
    What episode does Faith lead all the potentials to a bomb? (not intentionally)

  • 7
    Which Potential did Giles make flash cards for?
  • 8
    The potentials, Chloe and Kennedy were played by which people? In order.
  • 9
    Which potential is a Sunnydale high student?
  • 10
    In the episode 'Potential, when Dawn thought she was a Potential Slayer, who actually was?

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