Buffy Quotes Quiz

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Think you know your Buffy the Vampire Slayer quotes? Well let's find out. Good luck!

  • 1
    In Pangs what does Spike say to Buffy when he comes to her for help?
  • 2
    What does Willow say love makes you do in Some Assembly Required?
  • 3
    What does Cordelia say when she sees Angel for the first time in Never Kill a Boy on the First Date?

  • 4
    What does Angel say in Some Assembly Required about the way Buffy danced with Xander?
  • 5
    In Anne what does Buffy say when she reclaims her identity?
  • 6
    What does Xander say in Chosen when they find out Caleb is dead?

  • 7
    What does Anya say is making her bitter in No Place Like Home?
  • 8
    What does Dawn say in Him after Buffy catches her dancing with R.J.?
  • 9
    What does Willow say in Phases that Xander's phone number is?
  • 10
    What does Spike say to Buffy in Touched?

  • 11
    What is her response?
  • 12
    What does Giles say to Buffy in Lessons?
  • 13
    In Seeing Red what is the last thing Tara says?
  • 14
    In Graduation Day Part 2 what does Buffy say is the only thing that her brain can process?
  • 15
    What is Buffy doing when we see her for the very last time?

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839 days ago
12. Giles says it to Willow, not Buffy
13. Tara doesn't say "Willow", just the following bit