How much do you know about Buffy the vampire slayer?

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Come test your knowledge of how much you actually know about the TV show Buffy the vampire slayer.

  • 1
    What is Buffy's very first line ever?
  • 2
    When Buffy gets a spell put on her by a witch because she was the next alternative in cheer leading, what song does she sing as she enters her kitchen that morning?
  • 3
    Who was the witch that put the spell on Buffy?

  • 4
    What was Willow dressed as when Oz first saw her?
  • 5
    How long did it take willow to turn Amy back from a rat?
  • 6
    When Tara lost her mind by Glory what does she say to willow in the hospital?

  • 7
    What was the name of Glory's Brother?
  • 8
    Who did Buffy sleep with only to find out she meant nothing to him?
  • 9
    When Riley says Nice to meet you to Buffy and Willow, how does Buffy respond?
  • 10
    Who sired Spike?

  • 11
    What happened to Xander when they including all the potentials went up against Caleb?
  • 12
    Who was the DR?
  • 13
    In once more with feeling, what did Buffy admit to the others in song?
  • 14
    In Tabula Rasa what did Spike think his name was?
  • 15
    When Buffy told her mom she was the slayer what was Joyce's reaction?

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955 days ago
Tara says 'I kill mice' not 'they kill mice'.
2235 days ago
the whole angel/dru/spike thing is actually like THIS
angel sired dru (made her mad first by killing all her family)
dru sires spike (after he reads that poem and gets laughed at)
the reason spike refers to angel as his sire is that angel is sort of his 'great-sire' as in the sire of his sire which is still called a sire. also angel and dru both hung out with spike after he was sired, so angel did act as a sort of yoda-sire figure to spike. i seem to remember Joss whedon explaining this somewhere.... sorry i'm a buffy geek.
2279 days ago
Question 15 is wrong. Her reaction is a confused expression on her face. Later, Joyce says ' are you sure you're a slayer' and then 'have you tried not being the slayer?'

She tells her not to come back after she refuses to stay in the house (instead of going to fight Angel)
2530 days ago
Actually, it's an inconsistency. Spike was sired by Dru--as told by Spike's back story. Dru was sired by Angel.
2541 days ago
Actually Spike was sired by Angel not Dru, in season 2X3 "School Hard" when Spike tries to kill Buffy in the school, Angel pretends to want to eat Xander, Spike says that he can't trick him, that he was his sire his yoda.
2582 days ago
Question 15 is incorrect.
'When Buffy told her mom she was the slayer what was Joyce's reaction?
Buffy told Joyce that she was the slayer with Spike in Becoming part 1 and Joyce is in denial and refuses to believe it saying "isn't there someone else that can do it?".
In Becoming part 2, Joyce tries to call the police and then tells Buffy not to come back if she leaves and that she can't do it anymore.