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    What animal of willows does angel kill?

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734 days ago
You should NOT make a quiz about a show that you have obviously not even SEEN!
1032 days ago
1116 days ago
Really bad quiz! Spelling mistakes and wrong answers.
1137 days ago
So many answers and spellings were wrong. Rubbish quiz.
1295 days ago
Answers are wrong, spelling mistakes make it difficult to understand!
1356 days ago
There where so many wrong answers - for example angel was buddy’s longest relationship not spike. Buffy was with angel season 1-3 where and she was only with spike 6-7. Did u watch buffy????
1356 days ago
Terrible quiz. So many wrong answers.
1381 days ago
Had some typos in my last post, but you get what I'm saying..
1381 days ago
A LOT of your answers are wrong..

Jonathan, for example is in every season premiere and finale of the entire series, so meeting him in season 2 is incorrect. Also, he doesn't kill himself in Earshot..she gets up there in time to tell him to duck it up because everybody has problems. Varuka wasnt rhe permanent end..Willow loves Tara and Oz leaves..and of you remember in Season 5 when Dawn is defending her crush on Spike, she says "Yeah..cause you weren't with Angel for three years" I mean seriously? Did you even watch the series at all? Just saying..
1404 days ago
Food dander? I think you mean Xander maybe?
1673 days ago
Amd technically, Willow and Oz broke up because Willow didn't want to jeopardize her realtionship with Tara. That is, after he came back.
1674 days ago
Spike and Buffy had their relationship for 2 seasons and Buffy and Angel had a relationship for 3 seasons. Buffy had her longest relationship with Angel
1692 days ago
Buffy and Spike were never together.