Do you REALLY know Piper Halliwell?
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Do you REALLY know Piper Halliwell?

Test your knowledge to see if you know everything there is to know about this stunning charmed one.

Question 1:Where did Piper work before becoming a chef at Quake?
at a nightclub
she was unemployed
she worked with Prue
at a bank

Question 2:In what episode did Piper say this: "I am being stalked by psycho killers and I hide in the shower?"
"Coyote Piper"
"Wicca Envy"
"Chick Flick"
"Black As Cole"

Question 3:What power does Piper receive in the beginning of "Charmed"?
temporal status
the power to blow things up

Question 4:What does Piper/Holly Marie Combs have a tattoo of?
a rosary on her shoulder
a triquetra on her collarbone
bracelets on her wrists
chinese lettering on her neck

Question 5:What was Piper going to name her child when she thought she was having a girl?

Question 6:What did Piper dress up as for Halloween before the sisters went back in time?
Elvira, mistress of the night
a fairy
she didn't dress up at all!
Glenda, the good witch of the North

Question 7:What was the first thing Piper ever blew up with her new power?
a vase of flowers
a watermelon
a clock

Question 8:Why did Piper become a Fury?
she was tired of saving innocents
she was repressing her anger towards Prue
Cole turned her into one
she cast a spell that backfired

Question 9:What did Piper get on her dress in "Deja Vu All Over Again"?
marinara sauce
a cocktail
demon blood

Question 10:Where di Leo and Piper plan to go on their honeymoon?
they never planned a honeymoon

Question 11:Which of the deadly sins did Piper become infected with?

Question 12:What was Piper's trick to opening the drawer on the old desk?
pound the top and kick the side
blew the drawer up
punch the side 3 times....third times the CHARM
asked Prue to do it with her powers

Question 13:What did Piper say after swallowing a potion to fight the Demon of Illusion?
"Who makes this crap anyways?"
"Let's hope we get him now so I don't have to do that again"
"Down the hatch!"
"Ugh! It tastes like ass...phault"

Question 14:In what season's finale did Piper get shot and die?
season 2
season 4
wait...that never happened
season 3

Question 15:What year was Piper born?

Question 16:What illness did Piper contract from a contaminated fruit at her club P3?
Arroyo Fever
Food poisoning
beats me!

Question 17:Who was trying to kill Piper in "Brain Drain"?
the Source

Question 18:What is the most common color that Piper is seen wearing?

Question 19:Which of these is not a quote of Piper's?
"Oh no! Don't tell me we got infected with those sin thingys?"
"I hope you enjoyed the show!"
"Maybe next I can just freeze your head and then I can kick you in the-"
"Nice orbs!"

Question 20:Is Piper the whole reason as to why "Charmed" is still on the air?
I don't know!!
What are you nuts? The show could not go on without her.
It would still survive.

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