Are you a Spike know-it-all?
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Are you a Spike know-it-all?

Test your knowledge of this sexy brit vamp.

Question 1:   Season 5: Spike told Riley he could never have Buffy because Buffy needed...
Buffy truly loved Spike.
A demon, she wanted the dark side.
A bit of monster in her man.

Question 2:   Season Six: Who came onto who in "Smashed"?
Spike came onto Buffy
It was mutual
Buffy came onto Spike

Question 3:   Season 4: In "Something Blue", when Spike and Buffy pulled away from their magical embrace, what did Spike ask for?
Buffy, to give him another pash.
A good dose of blood to calm him down.
A cookie, to wash the Buffy taste out of his mouth.

Question 4:   Season Two: What were Spike's very first words?
"Dru, let's go shag."
"Bloody Hell. It's the Slayer!
"Home, sweet home."

Question 5:   Spike's favourite soap is...
The Bold & The Beautiful
All My Children

Question 6:   Season 5: End this quote with Spike's line. Buffy: Spike, I'm trusting you to protect her. To defend her.
"Till the end of the world - - even if that happens to be tonight."
"For one kiss, I'd do anything."
"You know I'll protect you and Sweet Bit until the day I die... again."

Question 7:   Buffy dumped Spike after which of her men showed disapproval to their affair?

Question 8:   What is Spike's original name?

Question 9:   Season 5: End this quote with Spike's line. Dawn: Am too. You're standing in the bushes hugging a bent box of chocolates, and I'm-
"They're not bent! They're... artistically decorated."
"Ah, and you'd be the brat of the Scooby pack. Dawn, I do believe?"
"What? Sneaking out to braid hair and watch Teletubbies with your mates?"

Question 10:   Which years did Spike kill his two Slayers?
1901, 1968
1900, 1978
1900, 1981
1900, 1977
1899, 1976

Question 11:   Season 5: Fill in the blank from Spike's quote. SPIKE: Damn right I'm impure, I'm as impure as the _____________! Let me go!
Damn Nancy-Boy Angel!
The driven yellow snow

Question 12:   How much do you love Spike?
3/5 - He's okay.
0/5 - He's an evil rotten bastard and should rot in hell.
5/5 - So hot!

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