Charmed Quiz
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Charmed Quiz

How well do you know the show Charmed?

Question 1:   When did Paige, Piper & Phoebe meet?
When Paige was attacked my a demon
Paige was Leo's innocent
When Paige was born
When their mother died
At Prue's funeral

Question 2:   What is Paige?
1/2 witch 1/2 demon
1/2 witch - 1/2 whitelighter
The Source

Question 3:   How did Cole survive when he was vanquished?
His powers were too strong for the charmed ones
He had deminic back-up
His love for Phoebe saved him
He stole powers from other vanquished demons
Phoebe stopped in the middle of the spell

Question 4:   How did Cole become the source?
He gained the source's powers after vanquishing him
The sisters gave Cole his powers so they could be used for good
The seer transferred the source’s power to him
Cole stole the source's powers
His love for Phoebe turned him evil

Question 5:   Who is Paige's father?
An elder
Her mother's whitelighter
The old source
Leo's whitelighter friend
A warlock killed by the source

Question 6:   Why does Phoebe want to divorce Cole?
She is afraid Cole is going to kill them
Cole wanted her as the queen of evil again
She doesn't want to turn evil again

Question 7:   What is Piper's power?
Premonition & Levitation
Orbing & Healing
Shimmering & shooting fire
Freezing & Blowing up things

Question 8:   When Piper is pregnant what thing goes wrong when she tries to use her powers?
They don't work
Her powers were binded
She had demonic powers
She shoots out flowers

Question 9:   Whose power is Premonition & Levitation?

Question 10:   Can Leo heal anyone?
Yes (Witches & Demons, good & evil, live & dead)
No, Leo cannot heal evil demons
No, Leo cannot heal the dead
No, he only heals people who are hurt by evil

Question 11:   When The Angel Of Destiny offered The Charmed Ones a reward, the rest of their life free from witchcraft, who refused the offer at first?

Question 12:   Who is the oldest sister?

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