The Most Extreme Charmed Quiz
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The Most Extreme Charmed Quiz

Do you love Charmed? Do you know so much about Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige that you consider yourself a Charmed One? It's time to put that knowledge to the test and take this ultimate quiz!

Question 1:   Where did Leo propose to Piper?
in the bedroom
in the bathroom
in the garage
he proposed?
what is going on?

Question 2:   In which episode did Prue get the power of Astral Projection?
She's A Man Baby, A Man!
Something Wicca This Way Comes
Ms. Hellfire
she doesn't get that power
Charmed And Dangerous

Question 3:   How does Phoebe lose her powers in season 6?
Cole cast a spell
it never happened
she wished them away
they were taken away due to misuse
Wyatt absorbed them

Question 4:   What happened to Dan after the genie granted Piper's wish for him to move on?
he died
he flew to Africa
he turned into a woman
he killed Leo
he grew really old

Question 5:   How did Chris die?
Wyatt ate him
Piper blew him up
he got pushed off a cliff
he tried to fly
Giddeon stabbed him

Question 6:   Who is Dan?
Giddeon's son
A darklighter
Phoebe's husband
the garbage man
the sisters' nextdoor neighbour

Question 7:   Why was Prue going to jump off of a bridge?
a darklighter was controlling her
she had had it with being a witch
she was drunk
she never tried to do that!
she was going to die anyway

Question 8:   What is Prue's greatest fear?
losing a sister
going to the bathroom
The Source

Question 9:   Who got turned into a mermaid?

Question 10:   Why is it wrong for Piper and Leo to be together?
witches and whitelighters aren't supposed to be together
Leo was evil
Piper smoked
Leo was married
Piper didn't really love Leo

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