Men of Charmed

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How well do you know the guys from Charmed? It's OK to say it's mainly about the girls but is it really?

  • 1
    Why did Leo clip his wings for a while?
  • 2
    After all the time Darryl helped the Charmed Ones why did he sop helping them?
  • 3
    We finally found out who Chris was. Who is he?

  • 4
    What episode was Wyatt born?
  • 5
    What episode did Andy die in?
  • 6
    What are the first names of the actors who play Chris, Darryl, Andy, Cole and Leo?

  • 7
    How did Cole get demonic powers from the wasteland?
  • 8
    Why did Cole want the deeds to the Charmed Ones house?
  • 9
    What was the main reason that Andy was annoyed with Prue when she told him who she was?
  • 10
    Who was free Willy in 'The Honeymoon's Over'?

  • 11
    In what episode did Paige want to marry Glen?
  • 12
    How does Glen find out about the girls?
  • 13
    Who is Leo's last wife's name?
  • 14
    Who nearly exposes the girls in 'Charmed again'?
  • 15
    What did Cole once turn Darryl into?
  • 16
    Why does Cole want Phoebe to drink the tonic?

  • 17
    Where do Andy and Prue meet again?
  • 18
    Who kills future Chris?
  • 19
    What's Paige's excuse for being able to change Wyatt's nappy but not Chris's?
  • 20
    Who is the only guy who hasn't been killed at all(not including the babies)?

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