Charmed: Season 8

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Here's a quiz for anyone who watches Charmed: Season 8 every week like me! Hope you like it!

  • 1
    At the Sisters' funeral, who does Phoebe questionably recognize?
  • 2
    What actress plays the "new" witch and Paige's new charge?
  • 3
    What children's story were the demons mocking in Episode #158?

  • 4
    A background check revealed Piper's physical appearance as a/n what?
  • 5
    What relation did the sisters become to themselves to hide their identities?
  • 6
    What costume does Piper make for Wyatt's school play?

  • 7
    What holiday night did a demon take Billie's sister?
  • 8
    What governmental agency are the sisters using to hide their death?
  • 9
    What demon in the "Lost Picture Show" did Sam's charge, JD, escape from?
  • 10
    What item does Billie put on that transform her and other women around her to kill off the male race in "Battle of the Hexes"?

  • 11
    Who is the guy Paige is very interested in, but doesn't admit it?
  • 12
    Who was the Angel of Death after in "Vaya con Leos"?

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