The Hardest and Challenging Quiz of Charmed! (no joke)

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This is for all the TRUE fans of Charmed out there.

  • 1
    Which character was once turned into a pumpkin?
  • 2
    Finish this spell " Evil wind that blows, that which forms below, no longer may you dwell....
  • 3
    Finish this spell.. "Power of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies, come to us who call you near....

  • 4
    In season 5, what is the name of the 10th episode?
  • 5
    Which power did Phoebe use for personal gain in the episode "Crimes and Witch Demeanors" in Season 6, that caused her to get all her powers suspended?
  • 6
    In season 5, Oh my Goddess Part 2, Phoebe is turned into the goddess of love. She claims that she's going out to search for some guys. How many guys does she claim she wants right before she disappears to the bachelor auction?

  • 7
    In season 6, forget me...not, Wyatt conjures up what?
  • 8
    What color is Piper's costume in the episode "Witches in Tights", season 5, when she is turned into a superhero?
  • 9
    ..Phoebe's costume?
  • 10
    Who is responsible for the actions of Phoebe and Dex when they "suddenly" got married?

  • 11
    Who did Paige change into using her glamour power walking into a funeral which was a funeral for them actually?
  • 12
    What is the name of the 100th episode? (Season 5, Episode 12)
  • 13
    "Piper. I know that you’re in there somewhere, alright, so just try and listen. Just remember that no matter what happens, I’m gonna bring you back. I’m so sorry, honey. I know that you tried to tell me in the attic and I... but I’m going to fix it, okay? I promise I’ll bring you back." Who said this quote?
  • 14
    Which two sisters once performed a spell to hear each others thoughts?
  • 15
    In the episode "Power of two" Season 1, which two sisters were at the manor while the other one was on a trip?
  • 16
    Which two characters took in the woogeyman into them?

  • 17
    There was a switch up of episodes in season 4... what was supposed to be aired as the fifth episode but was aired as the fourth episode and what was supposed to be aired as the fourth episode but was aired as the fifth episode?
  • 18
    Which episode did Piper and know what...that resulted in the pregnancy of Chris?
  • 19
    Who had the power of ice breath in their past life?
  • 20
    When was Paige born?

  • 21
    When did the sisters' mother die?
  • 22
    Who was struck by a darklighter's arrow in the episode "Sam I Am".
  • 23
    Episode name " The Three Faces of...."
  • 24
    Who sister did Lady Godiva inspire to do exactly what she did...riding a horse wearing no clothes?
  • 25
    What object did Paige orb into her hands when she was told that she had powers?

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1953 days ago
Um I don’t know who made this quiz but some of these questions are wrong and I don’t appreciate that. #22, #17, #14, #12, and #4 are wrong. I even went back and checked. #22— The answer should have been Paige and Leo #17— It was Size Matters and A Knight to Remember #14— It was actually Prue and Paige which wasn’t even an option soooooo... #12— It was House Call. I went back and counted #4— It was The Importantce of Being Phoebe. Again I went back and counted.
2034 days ago
Question 17 is wrong. Enter the Demon is the third episode of the season
Size Matters and A Knight To Remember are the 4th and 5th episodes of the season.
2564 days ago
Just Question 22 is incorrect. The correct answer was Paige and Leo who were struck by Cole who shapeshifted into Sam, and Piper managed to deflect the arrow due to being pregnant with Wyatt. It was up to the remaining sisters to convince Sam to tap into his whitelighter powers in order to heal Paige and Leo.