How well do you know Charmed? Quotes from Season Two.

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How many times have you seen the second season?

  • 1
    "How can it be good to be witches if all it does is get the people we love killed?" (Witch Trial)
  • 2
    "The wrong thing done for the right reason is still the wrong thing." (Morality Bites)
  • 3
    "We can still make good things happen. We just have to make the right choices." (Morality Bites)

  • 4
    "She's a walking brain-trust, an Einstein with cleavage." (The Painted World)
  • 5
    "I don't obsess. I think - intensely." (The Painted World)
  • 6
    "You have time for baseball, but you don't have time to tell me about you-know-what before you-know-who shows up for you-know-where?" (The Devil's Music)

  • 7
    "It's STARTING to get weird? Where have you been?" (She's A Man, Baby, A Man!)
  • 8
    "He's a jerk. How do I look?" (That Old Black Magic)
  • 9
    "Maybe there's a lesson here for us, not taking our powers for granted." (That Old Black Magic)
  • 10
    "With warlocks and demons coming out of the woodwork all the time, it's a wonder we trust anybody." (They're Everywhere)

  • 11
    "Leo doesn't do personal anymore. He just does his job." (P3 H20)
  • 12
    "Since when do demons use bullets?" (Ms. Hellfire)
  • 13
    "Nothing like a night out on the town after a hard day of demon killing." (Heartbreak City)
  • 14
    "The pain of love lost deepens if you don't deal with it." (Heartbreak City)
  • 15
    "There could be hundreds of dead people that are holding a grudge against them." (Reckless Abandon)
  • 16
    "I had a little wake-up call, and I realised that life is way too short to be wasting my time doing something I really don't want to be doing." (Awakened)

  • 17
    "Why do we always seem to have a habit of gathering our men at the scene of a super-natural smack down?" (Animal Pragmatism)
  • 18
    "It's not like there's a fallen White lighter support group to join or anything." (Pardon My Past)
  • 19
    "We're rescuing you from the tall, dark, naked man." (Give Me A Sign)
  • 20
    "I'll just put my life on hold one more time and I'll be right there." (How To Make A Quilt Out Of Americans)

  • 21
    "It's the twenty-first century. It's the woman's job to save the day." (Chick Flick)
  • 22
    "Don't we usually start in some dark and dreary place and then end up here at the Manor for the big, old vanquish?" (Chick Flick)
  • 23
    "How can someone not know that they're dead?" (Ex Libras)
  • 24
    "He's kind of the big brother I never wanted." (Astral Monkey)
  • 25
    "He's using our powers in public!" (Astral Monkey)
  • 26
    "Are you telling me that evil called good and good answered?" (Apocalypse, Not)

  • 27
    "Are we on some kind of list? And if so, how many points are we worth?" (Be Careful What You Witch For)

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