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CHARMED-The Charmed test for TRUE fans

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This is the ULTIMATE Charmed Quiz. Take it ONLY if you are a HUGE fan!

  • 1
    In Every season of Charmed, who is the one character who always has long hair?
  • 2
    What was the first demonic creature Piper ever turned into?
  • 3
    What is Paige's last name?

  • 4
    How many seasons was Prue in?
  • 5
    What was Cole's last name?
  • 6
    What mystical creature did Phoebe become, causing her to temporarily refuse becoming a witch again?

  • 7
    In what season do Leo and Piper officially get married?
  • 8
    In what season was Cole FINALLY vanquished?
  • 9
    Which sister was the first to get married?
  • 10
    In season 5 episode "Happily Ever After", which sister is Cinderella?

  • 11
    In season 4 episode "House Call", what does the witch doctor steal from Phoebe?
  • 12
    What demon is in the first, second, AND fifth season?
  • 13
    What performing artist performed at P3, and Phoebe claimed it was her favorite artist?
  • 14
    What 3 things has Prue turned into?
  • 15
    In which season does Prue realise she can astral-project?
  • 16
    What was the name of the hit-woman Prue impersonated?

  • 17
    What guy escapes from jail and kidnaps Prue?
  • 18
    How many times has Grams been married?
  • 19
    Of all 4 sisters, which is the youngest, and oldest?
  • 20
    Who casts a spell to see her past self, and future self?

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2698 days ago
Technically Prue was the first to marry. She was tricked intro marrying the Warlock by the Dark Priestess and Phoebe and Piper started turning evil because of it. Cole helped find her and then the sisters vanquished the Warlock. Prue even made a comment about how at least she married first