How Well Do You Know Chicken Girls?

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Do you consider yourself a Chicken Girl? How well do you really know Brat’s central show? Take this True or False quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Rhyme is actually very intelligent, despite her low score on the Test-Test
  • 2
    Before Ellie and Robby started dating, Ellie thought Robby was a jerk
  • 3
    Kayla and Tim are brother and sister

  • 4
    Rhyme had her first period long after any of the other Chicken Girls
  • 5
    Powersurge lost to the Chicken Girls at State
  • 6
    Harmony is extremely immature for her age

  • 7
    Kayla has a little sister named Sky
  • 8
    Birdie got a tattoo of a bird
  • 9
    T.K’s actual name is Tyler Kay
  • 10
    In her letter to Ezra, Rhyme says she is a sister, a dancer, a writer, almost a Sophomore, and most importantly a Chicken Girl

  • 11
    Tim Sharp moves in with Ellie and the rest of the Mack’s
  • 12
    Ace moves to Florida after gaining a bunch of money from the app, “S’up”
  • 13
    Rooney is a Junior in Seasons 3 & 4
  • 14
    Kayla is played by Dylan Conrique
  • 15
    Although Rooney (played by Indiana Massera) and Quinn (played by Riley Lewis) are sisters on the show, in real life Riley’s sister is the actress who plays Birdie
  • 16
    Rhyme plans to go on dates with Paul, Robby, Tim, and T.K all in one day

  • 17
    Rhyme landed the part as Juliet in the school musical
  • 18
    Kayla moved to Crown Lake in SE4
  • 19
    Birdie came back with T.K’s letters to Rhyme, upsetting Tim
  • 20
    Let’s end it off with an easy one: According to Brat, the 7 Main Characters on Chicken Girls are; Luna, Rooney, Birdie, Kayla, Quinn, Ellie, and Rhyme

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