CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Character Quiz

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This quiz is 30 questions long, and divided into six parts: the characters of <3Nick Stokes<3, Warrick Brown, Gil Grissom, Sara Sidle, Catherine Willows, and Greg Sanders. Take this quiz and test your knowledge of the characters on the #1 show on TV!

  • 1
    What is Nick’s father’s profession?
  • 2
    What happened to Nick when he was nine?
  • 3
    Nick’s nickname is…

  • 4
    Two of the things Nick doesn’t like are…
  • 5
    When Sara (-grins- Snickers!) asked him “Tell us, do you like leather or lace?” What did Nick respond?
  • 6
    Warrick had to overcome a problem with _____?

  • 7
    After what happened to Nick in “Grave Danger” (:’( ), what did Warrick decide to do?
  • 8
    Where was Warrick born?
  • 9
    What corrupt judge did Warrick help implicate?
  • 10
    When Warrick was growing up, what job did he have that he had to keep secret?

  • 11
    Grissom has a _______ problem?
  • 12
    Gil Grissom specializes in ___________________?
  • 13
    Grissom’s dad died when he was how old?
  • 14
    Grissom and Nick both get Lindsey the same present for her birthday once. What was it?
  • 15
    Grissom’s birthday is ___________?
  • 16
    Before moving to Vegas, Sara was originally from _____________?

  • 17
    Besides Grissom, many people think Sara’s also got something for __________?
  • 18
    The Sara/Nick shippers are called _________? (If you don't get this one, it's pretty sad...)
  • 19
    Sara’s method of cooking is ____________?
  • 20
    Sara comes to Vegas after the death of a rookie CSI. What was that rookie’s name?

  • 21
    Catherine has a daughter. What is her name?
  • 22
    Catherine’s ex husband’s name is _________________?
  • 23
    What is Catherine’s father’s name?
  • 24
    When the CSI's are looking in the nursery for Nick, Catherine discovers where he is by uncovering the ___________________?
  • 25
    Who does Cath say this to; “The best thing about a fantasy is that there’s the possibility it can come true. When you lose that possibility it… it sucks.”?
  • 26
    Greg picked up his first chemistry set when he was how old?

  • 27
    Greg was a(n) ______________ part in his education.
  • 28
    Of what descent are Greg’s grandparents?
  • 29
    What is Greg’s middle name?
  • 30
    Why did Greg fail his third (and final) proficiency?

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