The Ultimate CSI Quiz

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A quiz for only the CSI masters. Seriously, if you haven't memorized the series, walk away now. Characters, episodes, and various trivia are included. (Vegas fans only, guys.)

  • 1
    As of season 7, how many CSIs (including supervisors) are on the night shift?
  • 2
    How many CSIs have worked on the night shift over the course of the show? (seasons 1-8)
  • 3
    How many DNA techs have worked on the night shift?

  • 4
    Which members of the LVPD have been shot at on the show?
  • 5
    Which CSIs have drawn a weapon on the show?
  • 6
    How many members of the LVPD have we seen in the hospital as a patient as of season 8?

  • 7
    Have ANY of the characters on the show been in a successful marriage?
  • 8
    Which two CSIs have siblings?
  • 9
    How many CSIs have NOT gotten wildly emotional on a case and yelled at a suspect or a coworker?
  • 10
    The episode Gum Drops was originally supposed to be focused on which character?

  • 11
    CSI has only had one official canon pairing. Which is it?
  • 12
    Lab tech time. Which tech was played by the same actor who had once appeared as a suspect earlier in the show?
  • 13
    Which night shift employee has the gene allowing him or her to smell cyanide?
  • 14
    Which 2 night shift employees are bilingual? What languages do they speak?
  • 15
    Which CSIs have slept with someone who turned up dead?
  • 16
    In which episode was Grissom suspected of being gay?

  • 17
    Eric Szmanda (Greg) has a bet with which actor/actress over who can have the most hairstyles?
  • 18
    Greg has twice struggled to match many objects to one piece of evidence. What objects were they?
  • 19
    Two of the CSIs have worked in the same town prior to Las Vegas. (We haven't been told if they worked together or not.) Which two?
  • 20
    Three CSIs have been seen wearing glasses (not sunglasses) on screen. Which ones?

  • 21
    Which two CSIs are orphans?
  • 22
    Which CSIs have been injured seriously on the show? I'll be more specific--they could have died, but, for some reason or another, were only wounded. If they were shot at and the shooter missed, it doesn't count.
  • 23
    Two CSIs are notorious for trying to impress Grissom, and have been called on it by him. Who are they?
  • 24
    I'll throw you a change-up, just this once. Who has a coffee obsession?
  • 25
    This is it. The big, end-of-quiz question.

    Who is the biggest ass in the Las Vegas Police Department?

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1310 days ago
I'm a little confused. Grissom is not an orphan, only Warrick is. Grissom's mother has been on the show. I understand this quiz is based on the first 8 seasons of the show, but it's never been said that Grissom's mother is dead. Also, Catherine has a sister and Sara doesn't have a real sibling. She mentioned a brother once but that was a foster brother. Sorry, don't want to be a nitpick