Do you really know Dawson's Creek?
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Do you really know Dawson's Creek?

You have watched all the shows, but do you really know the facts? :)

Question 1:Who did Joey lose her virginity to?

Question 2:Who did Pacey have a secret affair with when the show first started?
Dawson's Mom
Joey's sister
His English Teacher

Question 3:Where did Joey work the summer before going to college?
the Ice House
The video store
The country club

Question 4:How did Dawson's dad die?
Heart attack
he committed suicide
Car accident

Question 5:Why did Jen move from New York?
her parents died
Her parents made her after they caught her having sex
Her grandma needed help w/her sick husband

Question 6:Jack and Jen are best friends, did they date before Jack came out of the closet?

Question 7:Jen has a really nice boyfriend that is younger than her, he goes away for the summer and they break up. Where did he go?
Europe with his parents
A long road trip
Football camp

Question 8:When Pacey disappeared with Joey for the summer, where did they go?
To California
Out sailing
To visit Joey's dad in prison

Question 9:Joey's dad is in prison for what reason?
For Killing Joey's Mom
For Raping a girl
Being a Drug Dealer

Question 10:Dawson's life long dream job is to be a what?
Movie Producer

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