"Degrassi: The Next Generation" Quiz
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"Degrassi: The Next Generation" Quiz

How well do you know The-N's "Degrassi: The Next Generation"? Take this 15- question quiz to find out!

Question 1:In the episode, "Take My Breath Away," Craig:__________.
...asked out Manny.
....asked out Emma.
...asked out Ashley.
...was asked out my Manny.
....was asked out by Ashley.

Question 2:What is Emma's mother's real name?

Question 3:Why did Ellie turn down Jimmy when he asked her out?
She was Ashley's best friend.
She was dating Marco,
She didn't want a boyfriend.
She preferred girls.
She felt she was too young to date.

Question 4:Craig's half-sister's name is:

Question 5:Jimmy went to the 80's dance as:
...Vanilla Ice
...Michael Jackson

Question 6:Who was Spike and Snake's flower girl at their wedding?
Emma's 4-year-old cousin
Craig's little sister

Question 7:How did J.T. and Toby meet?
They were in the same class at Degrassi.
They went to the same summer camp.
They met at the movies.

Question 8:What did Paige say when she saw Ashley in her costume at the 80's dance?
"Ugh, that's like not even good enough for the public eye."
"Um, looks like someone forgot she's a girl..."
"Oh man, I wish I had a camera!"
"Like, gross me green, like totally."
"Wow, you look awesome, girl!"

Question 9:In the first "Degrassi Crash Course," Miriam MacDonald (Emma) is wearing a shirt that says:

Question 10:What class does Mr. Simpson teach?
Media Immersion

Question 11:How did Craig's father die?
He drowned.
He had lung cancer.
He had a heart attack.
In a car accident.
He was murdered.

Question 12:Where was Terri when she found out that her mother was dead?
In Media Immersion class
At Ashley's house
At a birthday party

Question 13:Who is Spinner's sister?

Question 14:Who is the principal at Degrassi?
Mr. Radich
Mr. Malloy
Ms. Kwan
Mr. Simpson
Mr. Jamison

Question 15:Who plays Terri on "Degrassi"?
Christina Schmidt
Melissa McIntyre
Cassie Steele

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