Degrassi Trivia/Quotes/Etc Quiz For Seasons 1-14

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Test your knowledge on Degrassi characters, quotes, trivia, what happened when and more in this quiz for Degrassi seasons 1-14!

  • 1
    Who got their period in season 1?
  • 2
    Who became a plus sized model?
  • 3
    Why did Mr. Raditch leave Degrassi and which season?

  • 4
    "Bummer times, at least there's a party." Who said this?
  • 5
    Why was JT selling drugs from the pharmacy?
  • 6
    "Why are you so addicted to a dumb blog nobody reads?" Who said this?

  • 7
    Who was molested by their father at a young age?
  • 8
    Who brought a vibrator to school and who found it when it was dropped in the bathroom?
  • 9
    Who was "Madame Degrassi"?
  • 10
    Who bought a pet pig?

  • 11
    "You told me, to play BASKETBALL!" Who said this?
  • 12
    Who did Katie not want on the newspaper staff?
  • 13
    Who was shot at the prom and by who?
  • 14
    Who got a journalism internship and what was the name of the place where the internship was?
  • 15
    Which group of characters were on the hockey team?
  • 16
    "Go suck an egg!" who said this?

  • 17
    What guy was caught in the girl's bathroom and by who?
  • 18
    Who auditioned for a guest role on West Drive?
  • 19
    "I just wish I could go to sleep and never wake up." Who said this?
  • 20
    Who did Tristan kiss in Paris?

  • 21
    "You beat me, but you didn't break me." Who said this?
  • 22
    Who wrote a fake article and who was it about?
  • 23
    Who kissed who in Thunderstruck?
  • 24
    Who fell off the top of the cheer pyramid and why?
  • 25
    What did Miles's dad do to him?
  • 26
    Who wanted a polyamorous relationship?

  • 27
    Who started the fire?
  • 28
    Which people are a couple in season 14, whether they broke up or not?
  • 29
    Who kissed in the movie "Don't Look Back?"
  • 30
    Which one of these was a quote said in season 14?

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2670 days ago
There were a lot of questions and you made several mistakes, but I dont have time to list them all. So im just going to name the first one I saw. In questions 8, it wasnt clare and jane who found the 🦄, it was clare and alli. Ive seen a lot of trivia quizzes, and people always make so many mistakes. Here is some advice to you and anyone whos ever made a trivia quiz: Dont make a quiz if you dont even know the show. Your quizzes are inaccurate, which makes them pointless to take and a waste of time. I want the 10 minutes of my life back that I spent on this garbage.