Doctor Who quiz (50 questions)

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Are you able to answer all 50 questions about the longest running science fiction programme ever?

  • 1
    On what date was the first ever episode of doctor who aired?
  • 2
    As of 2016, how many incarnations of the doctor have their been? (including the war doctor).
  • 3
    What was the name of the first ever episode?

  • 4
    Who played the first doctor?
  • 5
    Who has been the longest lasting doctor as of 2016?
  • 6
    How many seasons did the classic series run for?

  • 7
    As of 2016, how many series have there been all together? (classic and modern doctor who).
  • 8
    On what date was the final episode of the classic series aired?
  • 9
    As of 2016, who has been the shortest lived doctor? (excluding the war doctor and the 8th doctor audio's).
  • 10
    What race is the doctor?

  • 11
    What is the name of the doctors spaceship?
  • 12
    What does the TARDIS do?
  • 13
    What was the name of the male companion who was in charge of UNIT that helped the 3rd doctor when he was exiled to Earth?
  • 14
    Who is the doctor's arch enemy who is the same race as the doctor?
  • 15
    As of 2016, which companions have definitely died on screen? (We've seen them die).
  • 16
    As of 2016, who has been the longest ever show runner of doctor who?

  • 17
    What race were the daleks before they mutated?
  • 18
    Who created the daleks?
  • 19
    In Remembrance of the daleks, which two dalek factions are fighting each other?
  • 20
    How old was William Hartnell when he first got the part of the doctor?

  • 21
    How many doctors had there been when the show was cancelled in 1989?
  • 22
    In what year did doctor who have a TV movie released?
  • 23
    What is one of the things the 7th doctor says when he is making fun of Davros's ranting?
  • 24
    What was the 4th doctor famous for wearing?
  • 25
    What are the slitheen made out of?
  • 26
    In what episode was the 3rd doctor thrown into a parallel universe running slightly ahead of ours to witness the destruction of the Earth?

  • 27
    In the green death, what mutated creature does the company Global Chemicals accidentally create?
  • 28
    In the ark in space, what common, every day material was used to create the Wirrn embryo's?
  • 29
    What was the 7th doctor famous for carrying around?
  • 30
    What was the 6th doctor most famous for?

  • 31
    In what episode did Davros make his first appearance?
  • 32
    What has the doctor always wanted to be?
  • 33
    What is the name of the doctors home planet?
  • 34
    How many regenerations does a time lord usually have?
  • 35
    Which doctor quoted 'The Lion King' in his first episode?
  • 36
    What is Winston Churchill always trying to steal from the doctor?
  • 37
    What was the usual length of an episode in the classic series?
  • 38
    What was the name of the first colour episode of doctor who?
  • 39
    Who composed the 1980 version of the theme tune?
  • 40
    Who was the original creator of the daleks? (In the production team).
  • 41
    Who is responsible for the creation of doctor who?
  • 42
    Who was the shows first producer?
  • 43
    Who was the shows first director?
  • 44
    How many episodes were there during the black and white era?
  • 45
    How many episodes did the 1st doctor have?
  • 46
    As of November 23rd 2016, how long has doctor who been going on for?
  • 47
    What was the name of the doctors robot dog?
  • 48
    How old is the doctor when he is in his 9th incarnation?
  • 49
    How old is the doctor when he is in his 12th incarnation? (not counting the billions of years he spent trapped in the castle in Heaven Sent).
  • 50
    In what year was doctor who rebooted after its cancellation?

Comments (12)


131 days ago
So there are more black and white episodes that this says (it might be mixing up episodes with stories.
The 1st doctors 1st series (and we was in the first three fully) was 26 episodes. So the idea he was in 29 is laughable
401 days ago
I meant in the episode the almost people
403 days ago
Btw Mat smith was my favourite because of how childish he was and in the episode “rebel flesh”the tarsus sunk and instead of getting really upset he said”What are you doing down there”If you’re reading this sorry it’s so long and also have a nice day bye!😁
441 days ago
hi I love rose and Martha because rose left doctor who in doomsday and Martha left in last of the time lords
512 days ago
you can change the colour if your comments btw
512 days ago
Amy and Rory do die on screen, we see them die very early on in the episode of old age in beds in NYC.
2156 days ago
Actually the questions where you put As of 2016, who has been the longest ever show runner of doctor who? 2016 confused me I thought you meant present one you need to change year and put since 1980 and i know John Nathan Turner was producer in them days for 9 years I liked John Nathan Turner as the producer he's died now. I'd like to see Paul Mcgann come back as doctor who in another episode call it the four doctors then we can have Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston and David Tenant in it.
2157 days ago
Doctor Who is a bit confusing sometimes they make them look like there dead like they did with Rory if remember the gravestones in a matt smith episode and now saying he's not dead. I suppose they could come back to life it's only a story after all like peri did.
2157 days ago
I didn't see the questions of which doctor who spun into an alternative universe and maggots I knew the answers to that one which i knew inferno was and the green death of maggots. I've trained my self to be a doctor who by watching it everyday. I watch the credits and listen to what they say too. There are just so many episodes of the new ones I forget after a while I only remember my favorite ones such as Rememberance of the Daleks and Battlefields and The Daemons and a few others I like too of Dragonfire The Five Doctors All Dalek Stories and Cybermen Stories.
2480 days ago
The First Doctor did not have 29 episodes. You could say that he had 29 serials but that consisted of 134 episodes. However, if you count the other episodes from the classic series in which the First Doctor appeared you get 139 episodes and if you count all appearances of the First Doctor to date you get 143 episodes. Similarly, there were not 50 episodes during the black and white era. There were 50 serials comprising 253 episodes.
2531 days ago
AMY AND RORY DID NOT DIE ON SCREEN!!! They were zapped back into time and the only thing we saw about their death was the gravestone. This means that they did not die with us seeing their death
2540 days ago
Peter Howell arranged the theme tune: it was still Ron Grainer's composition. I think the question setter does not understand the difference between episodes and stories.