Drake and Josh Season 4

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This quiz is based on Season 4 of Drake and Josh.

  • 1
    In "Josh Runs into Oprah," Drake gives Josh what?
  • 2
    In "Vicious Tiberius," Drake and Josh take care of whose dog?
  • 3
    In "The Wedding," who is getting married?

  • 4
    In "Mindy Loves Josh," what does Josh say after Mindy says "I Love You?"
  • 5
    In "Whose Got Game," who's the girl that Drake likes?
  • 6
    In "The Great Doheny," what is the big trick that Doheny plays?

  • 7
    In "I Love Sushi," Drake and Josh package what?
  • 8
    In "The Storm," Walter gets stuck doing what?
  • 9
    In "My Dinner with Bobo," what car do Drake and Josh get?
  • 10
    In "Tree House," Megan misses her what?

  • 11
    In "Josh is Done," Josh misses his?
  • 12
    In "Eric Punches Drake," Josh gets jealous of his ex-girlfriend, but his ex is with who?
  • 13
    In "Megan's Revenge," Drake and Josh do what to Megan's hamster?
  • 14
    In "Steered Straight," Drake and Josh get captured by a real criminal after doing what?
  • 15
    In "Megan's First Kiss," who is her boyfriend?
  • 16
    In "Battle of Panthatar," Drake and Josh get invited to whose birthday party?

  • 17
    In "Really Big Shrimp," Josh signs a contract while looking at giant?
  • 18
    In "Really Big Shrimp," who is staying at their house?
  • 19
    In "Helicopter," Walter has to pay how much for a crashed helicopter?
  • 20
    In "Dance Contest," who wins?

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