Are you at all FRIENDly?
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Are you at all FRIENDly?

You've beaten the other FRIENDS tests, but can you beat this one? Yeah, it's easy in the beginning, but it gets harder and harder!

Question 1:How many times has Ross been divorced?
He was married???

Question 2:At Ross's wedding (with Emily), what does embarrassing act does Joey do?
He trips in front of everyone.
He walks down the aisle, talking on the phone.
He yells out in front of everyone, saying, 'Rachael loves you, Ross!'

Question 3:Instead of a credit card, what does Chandler hand to the flight attendant on his way to Yemen?
A blockbuster card.
A PETCO card.
A library card.
When did he go to YEMEN??????????

Question 4:After Chandler finds out from Ross that cleaning up Monica's apartment is a wrong thing to do, what excuse does he use so that Monica can't come into her apartment and see what he's done to it?
'Hold on honey, I'm locked in the bathroom!'
'Why don't you go back to the restaurant and see how things are going?'
'Ross is naked!'
'I'm having sex! Don't bother me!'

Question 5:Which character dies in one of the episodes?
Mr. Treeger
Someone died???

Question 6:While being in Rachael's bed, which male FRIENDS character finds out about Rachael's 'horny' book?

Question 7:Which FRIENDS character meets someone famous? Who is that famous person?
Chandler meets Jill Woodacre
Ross meets Britney Spears
Rachael meets Brad Pitt
Joey meets The Rock

Question 8:In the beginning for each FRIENDS episode (during the song), which of these lyrics is a part of the song?
I'm pretty sure that we'll will always be friends
What do you want from me other than some friendship?
What song????
And it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year

Question 9:Who's Phoebe's REAL mother?
Phoebe (not herself!)

Question 10:In the beginning of each episode, (during the song, again) when they spell out friends, a little * goes in between each letter. What colors are those little *s? In what order?
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue
Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Yellow, Red
Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow

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