The Ultimate Friends Quiz
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The Ultimate Friends Quiz

Do you think you know all there is to know about Friends? Then take my quiz to find out if you know everything about the hit tv sitcom "Friends".

Question 1:What is the name of Ross's baby boy?
Ross Jr.

Question 2:How much money did Phoebe get for finding a thumb in her soda?

Question 3:At Christmas, what animal did Ross dress up as to try and teach his son about his Jewish history?
A Bear
A Parrot
A Snake
A Cat
An Armadillo

Question 4:Before Rachel told anyone that Ross is the father of her baby, who did Phoebe think was the father?
Phoebe's Brother

Question 5:When getting a tux for his wedding, which celebrity tuxedo does Chandler end up wearing?
Val Kilmer's
Peirce Brosnan's?
Diane Keaton's

Question 6:In Monica's apartment, what is behind the door that is locked though all the episodes except the one where you find out. (The door by the window to the balcony)
Endless amounts of photos
Spare clean clothes
Unorganized Junk

Question 7:In which episode do both Julia Roberts and Jean Claude Van Damn guest star in?
The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant
The One With the Stoned Guy
The Pilot
The One With the Routine
The One After the Superbowl

Question 8:Which "Star Wars" character does Ross fantasize about?
Princess Leia
Luke Skywalker

Question 9:What is the name of the diner where Monica has to wear flame retardant boobs?
Central Perk
Coffee Craze

Question 10:Which state did Chandler say gets covered by Monica's high school bathing suit when it rains?
Rhode Island

This Quiz has been designed by Philip Haskew.