Do You Know FRIENDS (tv)?
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Do You Know FRIENDS (tv)?

Do you think that you know everything that there is to know about the tv show Friends? If so, this is the quiz for you...

Question 1:What was the original title of the show?
'Friends & Family'
'Friends Like These'
'3 Guys, 3 Girls & A Coffee House'

Question 2:Which of the following has not appeared on Friends?
Bonnie Hunt
Helen Hunt
Robin Williams
Julia Roberts
Wynona Rider

Question 3:Who are the creators of Friends?
Boyle, Kauffman, Crane
Benard, Kauffman, Cane
Bonerz, Kauffman, Cane
Bright, Kauffman, Crane

Question 4:What happened on 'The One Hundredth' episode Friends?
Chandler spends time in a box
Ross and Rachel break-up
Monica & Chandler get married
Joey finds his hand twin
Pheobe gave birth to triplets

Question 5:Who plays Richard (Monica's ex) on Friends?
Tom Cruise
Tom Selleck
David Arquette
David Schwimmer

Question 6:In what episode, does Monica get a patch on her eye?
'The One Hundredth'
'The One with All the Resolutions'
'The One with Chandler in a Box'

Question 7:Which of the following is not an episode of Friends?
'The One with the Magical Book'
'The One with the Invitations'
'The One with George Stephanopoulos'
'The One with the Screamer'
'The One where Ross Got High'

Question 8:Who played Rachel's little sister Jill in episode # 134?
Helen Hunt
Bonnie Hunt
Cameron Diaz
Reese Witherspoon
Jennifer Aniston

Question 9:What are the names of the Geller parents?
Jack & Jill
Jordy & Jill
Jordy & Judy
Jack & Judy

Question 10:Who plays Ross' ex-girlfriend/student's (Elizabeth) father?
Bruce Springstein
Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Springer
Bruce Willis

Question 11:(Hard One) Who plays Central Perk's "bleach-er" who is in-love with Rachel? a.k.a.-Gunther
Michael James Tyler
James Michael Tyler
Tyler Michael James

Question 12:Who did Rachel almost marry at the altar?
Doctor Mark Farber
Barry Purdy
Mark Purdy
Doctor Barry Farber

Question 13:What piece of information is not true about Monica Geller when she was in highschool?
MVP '86-'89
Spirit Club Committe Leader '89
Member of Debate Team '85-'86

Question 14:What was the name of Ross' first wife?
Susan Bunch
Carol Bunch
Susan Willick
Carol Willick

Question 15:How many times has Ross gotten married (up to the 8th season)?
0 (HA-HA)

Question 16:Who "makes-out" on the pool table at the pre-Central Perk in episode # 53, 'The One with the Flashback'?
Ross and Rachel
Rachel and Chandler
Chandler and Monica
Ross and Pheobe
Monica and Joey

Question 17:What is the name of Rachel's supervisor (played by Joanna Gleason) in episode # 114, 'The One where Rachel Smokes'?

Question 18:What is the name of the girl who Chandler meets that Joey previously dated and "accidentally" threw her leg in the fire?

Question 19:Who is that guy we hear about every now and again that used to live across from Monica and Rachel's old apartment?
Ugly Naked Guy
Fat Ugly Naked Guy
Fat Naked Guy
Fat Ugly Guy
It's a Girl!!

Question 20:When did the first episode of Friends air?
September 20, 1994
September 22, 1995
September 20, 1995
September 22, 1994
It wasn't in September!

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