All About Friends
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All About Friends

I swear this will be the best Friends quiz you will ever take. I have almost 100 episodes of it on tape or dvd and I watch it all the time. Hope you enjoy!

Question 1:In "The One with Ross's New Girlfriend", Julie is Chinese but says she's from where?
New York
North Carolina

Question 2:Who does Pheobe accidentally cut Monica's hair like?
Demi Moore
Denzel Washington
Don Juan
Dudley Moore

Question 3:In "The One With the Breast Milk" who tried the milk?
Ross and Carol
Rachel and Chandler
Pheobe and Joey
Joey and Ross

Question 4:In "The One where Heckles Dies" which friend finds out they're a lot like Mr. Heckles?

Question 5:What is Pheobe's husbands' occupation?
gay ice dancer
construction worker
car salesman
gay stripper

Question 6:Who replaces Pheobe as the singer in Central Perk?

Question 7:Which lock does Ross tell Rachel to unlock so he can get in?
the top one
the second one from the top
the middle one
the bottom one

Question 8:In "The One with The List" how does Chandler spell Rachel's name wrong?

Question 9:In "The One With Pheobe's Dad", who fixes the radiator?
Mr. Teeger

Question 10:In "The One with Russ", what is Russ's occupation?

Question 11:In "The One After the Super Bowl", what is Joey's stalker's name?

Question 12:In "The One With the Prom Video", what does Monica whisper to Rachel in the video?
that her date just touched her boob
that she's hungry
that Rachel looks pretty
that she's going to give him her flower

Question 13:How does Dr. Drake Ramoray die?
he falls down an elevator shaft
he gets stabbed
he tries to perform brain surgery on himself
he doesn't die

Question 14:In "The One Where Eddie Won't Go", what does Eddie do that really freaks Chandler out?
watches him sleep
eats peanut butter
uses his toothbrush
licks spoons then puts them back in the drawer

Question 15:In "The One With Two Parties", why does Rachel's mom want her to see a psychiatrist?
because she is a schizo
because she thinks Rachel is a lesbian
because Ross is just like Rachel's dad
because she's depressed

Question 16:In "The One Where Old Yeller Dies", what does Chandler do to be like Richard?
smokes cigars
wears armani suits
grows a mustache
goes back to college for an optometry degree

Question 17:In "The One with the Chicken Pox", what is Richards weird neurotic thing?
he has to sleep on a certain side of the ocean
he likes pillow cases inside out
he counts his shoes before he goes to bed
he has to wash his hands for 3 min. and 32 sec.

Question 18:In "The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding" why do people keep saying "its good to see you up and about" to Rachel?
they think she has syphilis and is crazy
they think Barry dumped her
they think that she's poor
they think that Ross is a bad boyfriend

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