"Friends" Quiz
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"Friends" Quiz

Are you a TRUE fan? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:Who are Ross's three ex-wives.
Susan, Carol, Emily.
Rachel, Carol, Emily.
Mona, Carol, Emily.

Question 2:In "The One With All the Resolutions", what did Phoebe make as a New's Years Resolution?
To teach all the Friends how to play guitar.
To open her own catering company with Monica.
To pilot a commercial jet.

Question 3:Monica got a crush on an eye doctor, who turned out to be Richard's son. Why was she at the eye doctors?
Rachel got ice in her eye.
Monica got ice in her eye.
Chandler got ice in his eye.

Question 4:Phoebe's latest boyfriend Mike is played by who?
Alec Baldwin
Benjamin Bratt
Paul Rudd

Question 5:Who did Rachel live with (on a permanent basis) after her apartment she shared with Phoebe was burnt down?

Question 6:In "The One With The Football" what was the Gellar Cup?
Ross's favourite football protection piece
Mr. Gellar's golden trophy from Junior High.
A trollie stuck to a tin can.

Question 7:Who was the one Friend who didn't go to London? And why?
Rachel - she didn't want to see Ross get married to someone other than her
Chandler - his mum was getting married.
Phoebe - she was pregnant

Question 8:In "The One with Unagi", Monica and Chandler each give each other home-made gifts that weren't made by them. Who made Chandler's gift for Monica?
Phoebe - it was a sock-rabbit.
Ross - it was a model of Apollo 11
Janice - it was a mixed tape.

Question 9:Where did Ross and Rachel first have sex?
In Rachel's bedroom when Phoebe was trapped in her closet.
At the planetarium where Ross worked.
In Ross's apartment.

Question 10:When Chandler was going to propose to Monica, but couldn't, he tried being as unromantic as possible so it would be a surprise. When he took her to lunch, what did he talk about?
Football accidents and how marriage was a scam.
Courtney Love and how much more sexy she was than Monica.
Pig sex and how he hated marriage

Question 11:After Rachel dumped Ross, Phoebe set him up with an old friend to make him see how great Rachel was. How did she convince Rachel it was OK?
By saying Ross would never like her as she was one-armed.
By saying Ross would never go for it coz she was dog-ugly.
By saying Ross would never like her as she was bald.

Question 12:Joey and Chandler's pets were...
A duck and a chick
A duck and a gosling
A duck and it's duckling

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