The FRIENDS Fanatic Test!

Are you a FRIENDS fanatic? Take this test and find out now!

Question 1:   What is Rachels child-hood dogs name?
Miss Furball
Mrs Winkerson

Question 2:   What did Ross say when he heard the message Rachel left when she let him know that she was over him?
You don't love me anymore?
I'm over you too!
But I still love you
When were you under me?
I wonder who left me this message?

Question 3:   Phoebes song "Smelly Cat" is very similar to a song.....
Her dad sang to her as a baby
She heard in a carnival
From a Japanese Commercial
Her sister sang as a child
Her mom sang to her as a baby

Question 4:   When Rachel sold "Mrs. Wiskerson" to Gunther what did he think it was?
A Dog
A Snake
A Rat
A Wallabee
A Koala

Question 5:   What did Ross dress up as to teach his son Ben about Hannukkah?
A Bear
Santa Claus
An Armadillo
An Elf
A Pink Bunny

Question 6:   Finish Ross's child-hood song: I am Bee, I drink tea....won't you......?
Drink one more with me
Sing a song with me
Dance around with me
Have a cow with me
Look around for me

Question 7:   What does Frank Jr say when the third triplette is born?
I'm a dad
Nothing....he faints
My babies are born!
I love my sister!
Chandlers a girl!

Question 8:   What does Monica say she is going to do when she makes time to secretly mess around with Chandler?
She's going to the Library
She's going to do laundry
She has to go to work
She's going to her parents house
She is going to volunteer at a animal shelter

Question 9:   Which instrument does Ross play that Phoebe thinks is way ahead of his time?
The Flute
The Violin
The Saxaphone
The Triangle
The Keyboard

Question 10:   What does Emily want Ross to do in order to get back together?
Move to California
Never see Rachel again
Have 10 babies
Have full custody of Ben
Have full custody of Emma

Question 11:   What does Joey advertise in a Japanese commercial?
Mens underwear
A Japanese Hotel
Mens Lipstick
Beef Jerky

Question 12:   When Phoebe had a cold she loved the way she sang. She is upset when she lost her cold and her....
Sexy Phlem
Sticky voice

Question 13:   In the first episode who did Ross make out with?
The waitress

Question 14:   What do Rachel and Monica do to finally get their apartment back from Joey and Chandler?
Give them season tickets to the Knicks
Win a bet
Win a game
Give them money

Question 15:   What was the real name of the cat that Phoebe thought was her mothers spirit?
Mr. Cat
The Hulk

This Quiz has been designed by Linda.