Friends Fan Quiz
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Friends Fan Quiz

Hey, you guys, How YOU Doin'? Oh my God. Now you just sit back and answer these 'ere questions

Question 1:   In "The one with the boobies" while Rachel is raging to Chandler as he sees her ... you know, he stutters that he can still see her ...
Niplicular area
Boobie area
Nipular area

Question 2:   In "The one with all the poker" Rachel sings a song when she sings. She says "I have got your money, and you'll never see it, and ... complete the song
Your money is over
Your fly is open
Your money is with me

Question 3:   Which of the characters has a Curious George doll?

Question 4:   In "the one with the paeditrician" in Season 9, what is the name of the girl who Phoebe fixes up with Joey?
Mary Ellen
Mary Anne
Lisa Titwiller

Question 5:   In "The One where Eddie won't go" Rachel, Monica and Phoebe become engrossed in a book. When Ross tells Rachel to go with him to a movie, Rachel says ...
How do you expect me to blow if you won't let me grow?
How do you expect me to grow if you won't let me blow?
Why can't you be supportive about my growing?

Question 6:   In "The one where Monica and Richard are just friends" Monica helps Richard make a lasagna. He says squishing tomatoes feels weird and Monica says ...
You squish people's eyeballs and this feels weird?
You're crazy!
You touch people's eyeballs everyday and this feels weird?

Question 7:   In "The one in Barbados" Mike and Monica play table tennis. Monica looks surprised that Mike is that good and Mike says ...
Oh, by the way, I'm awesome!
Look into the mirror before you say that!
Ya, I'm not soft like Chandler

Question 8:   In "The one with Rachel's other sister" (Season 9) Amy, her sister, thinks when she first sees Emma that Emma's name is ...

Question 9:   In "The one where Monica sings" Chandler yells at someone from the audience while she's singing to stop touching himself. What is the person's name?

Question 10:   In "The one with the memorial service" Mike asks his friend, Manny to see that he stays away from Phoebe. What is Manny's real name (not on TV)?
Manny ... duh!
Jonathan Jake Mariel
Jonathan Slavin

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