The F•R•I•E•N•D•S Finale Quiz
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The F•R•I•E•N•D•S Finale Quiz

Hi, I'm Alina, and I have the F•R•I•E•N•D•S finale on DVD and I watched it, like, a million times, so I made a quiz to see how well you paid attention.

Question 1:   What was the name of this episode?
The One That Ends It All
The One Where Monica and Chandler Get Their Baby
The Last One
The One Where Rachel and Ross Get Back Together
The Final One

Question 2:   What does Rachel say "that night" was?
The worst night ever.
The best night ever.
The reason why leaving was harder.
The perfect way to say goodbye.
The reason why she was going to stay.

Question 3:   What did Monica and Chandler name the girl baby?

Question 4:   What did Monica and Chandler name the boy baby?

Question 5:   What did Monica say when the guys couldn't ruin the foosball table?
I'm sorry.
Oh well.
I'll do it!

Question 6:   What airport did Ross rush to only to find out that Rachel wasn't there?
La Guardia
Los Angeles

Question 7:   What airport was she at?
Los Angeles
La Guardia

Question 8:   What did Phoebe say was wrong with the plane?
The engine had no gas.
One wing was broken.
The troubieri was missing.
Her luggage didn't get onto the plane.
There was something wrong with the left falangi.

Question 9:   Why did Erica say it was good that both heartbeats were strong?
Because she wanted Monica and Chandler to get two healthy babies.
Because she was having a baby.
Because she didn't want to die.
Because she had had a heart attack.
Because she didn't want them to die.

Question 10:   What did Monica say when the doctor said that the second one would be along any minute now?
Excuse me?
The who's coming in a what now?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute - TWO BABIES!
Are you crazy?

Question 11:   What did Chandler say when the doctor asked them if they knew they were having two babies?
Nuh uh!
Yes we did.
Uh huh...sure...yeah, that's why I'm about to have a HEART ATTACK!
Oh yeah, these are the faces of two people in the know!

Question 12:   What did Chandler call the day the twins get reunited would be?
The perfect day.
A great day for everyone.
A happy day.
A bad day.
A really, really, really, really, fantabulous day. No wonder people think I'm gay.

Question 13:   What did Mike tell Phoebe that he wanted?
Friends like you Phoebs.
The apartment.

Question 14:   What did Joey say about the apartment at the end?
It looks so big. Whooooo!
Can I live here?
Was it always purple?
Can I keep the rug?
I'm going to miss you apartment!

Question 15:   What did Monica tell Mr. Treeger they would leave?
Their thank-you letter.
Their last rent payment.
Their keys.
Their babies.
Their radio.

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