Are you a true F.R.I.E.N.D.?
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Are you a true F.R.I.E.N.D.?

Do you think you know the "friends" better than they know themselves? Now is your time to prove it!

Question 1:   How many times has Ross been married? (And divorced)
4 times
He has never been married
8 times
3 times

Question 2:   What name appears on Joey and Chandler's TV Guide?
Chandler Bing
Miss Chandler Bong
Ross Geller
Joey Bing
Chandler Tribbiani

Question 3:   What is the "Joey's Special"?
Three pizzas
A meatball sub
A double pastrami sandwich
A pizza, a sandwich and a beer
Two pizzas

Question 4:   What does Monica do to prove that her maid has stolen her jeans?
She claims that a bee has flown into them.
She asks her.
She calls the police
She puts her head between the maid's legs.
She asks Chandler to prove it

Question 5:   Which two names does Rachels sister Amy call Emma in "TOW Rachel's other sister"?
Ben, then Jerry
Emmet, then Emily
Phoebe, then Erica
Isabella, then Delila
Joey, then Emily

Question 6:   What happens when Pheobe, Rachel and Joey go to visit Phoebe's father for the first time?
Joey chokes on his sandwich
Phoebe falls asleep behind the wheel
Phoebe finds out her father has left his new family.
Rachel gets run over by Phoebes father
Phoebe runs over the dog

Question 7:   On Monica and Chandlers engagement night Monica discovers Ross and Rachel kissing. She claims it's not the first time Rachel has stolen her thunder. When was the other time?
When Monica was voted homecoming queen and Rachel stole the tiara
Her sixteenth birthday when Rachel went to third base with her cousin Charlie.
On her thirtieth birthday when Rachel slept with Chandler

Question 8:   When Chandler, Rachel and Phoebe are looking for their Christmas presents from Monica. Who finds them and where?
The birds. In the garbage.
Phoebe. In the closet in the guest bedroom.
Rachel. In the hollow bench by the window.
Chandler. In His old closet in Joey's apartment.

Question 9:   Which kind of bird bites Chandler at the zoo?
A peacock
A duck
A chicken
Not a bird, a monkey!
Joey bit Chandler

Question 10:   What does Chandler guess Gunther's last name is when he asks him?
Central Perk

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