Friends Best Quiz EVER!

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This quiz will test your Friends knowledge to see whether you are the real friends genius(except for me)

  • 1
    What did Gunther dress up as for Monica and Chandlers Halloween party?
  • 2
    What did Emily say after Ross first told her he loved her?
  • 3
    What Fruit is Ross allergic to?

  • 4
    Why was Fun Bobby so bummed when he showed up at Monica's New Year's Eve party?
  • 5
    Why did Pheobe break up with Gary the cop?
  • 6
    Gunther didn't have a name until which season?

  • 7
    What was Richard Burke's daughter's name?
  • 8
    What was the name of Dr.Drake Ramoray's brother?
  • 9
    What famous person does Pheobe believe is her Grandfather?
  • 10
    What financial expense prevented Monica's teenage acne from being treated?

  • 11
    What are the names used on Ross's and Chandler's false id's?
  • 12
    What Movie changed Fake Monica's life?
  • 13
    Chandler has two copies of which movie Soundtrack?
  • 14
    How does Joey describe his entertainment unit in a Newspaper ad?
  • 15
    What was the Last Word spoken ever in Friends?

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