Who Am I? Quiz.

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Do you know your Friends stars? Come on, do you really? Well you can find out by taking this quiz!

  • 1
    Who am I?
    -I'm single through the whole show.
    -Already have my eye on someone.
    -I have a job at Central Perk.
  • 2
    Who am I?
    -I dated Joey and Chandler.
    -I cut Chandler's hair.
    -I'm not in the FRIENDS cast.
  • 3
    Who am I?
    -I'm not such a good agent.
    -I work for Joey.
    -Every time you have seen me I probably had a cigarette in my hand.

  • 4
    Who am I?
    -I have blonde hair.
    -I gave my babies up at birth.
    -Gave birth to twins.
  • 5
    Who am I?
    -I'm a ladies man.
    -I LOVE Baywatch.
    -I also LOVE sandwiches.
  • 6
    Who am I?
    -I married a cast member of FRIENDS.
    -I at first didn't want to get married.
    -Wanted to change their name to, Crap Bag.

  • 7
    Who am I?
    -I'm a bit of a Clean Freak.
    -I never lived by myself during the show.
    -I once dated a rich "wannabe" ultimate fighter.
  • 8
    Who am I?
    -His friends sometimes think he is gay.
    -Normally pretty much of a sarcastic smart ally.
    -Adopted twins with his wife.
  • 9
    Who am I?
    -Child of Ross.
    -Was taught by Rachel how to play mean/funny tricks on people.
    -Heard Phoebe cuss pretty badly over Pac-Man
  • 10
    Who am I?
    -I'm prissy.
    -As you might of saw I'm not the best at football.
    -I worked at Central Perk.

  • 11
    Who am I?
    -I'm a paleontologist.
    -I once accidentally started to talk British.
    -I'm known for my many divorces.
  • 12
    Who am I?
    -I found a finger in one of my beverages.
    -I have a mean twin sister.
    -Joey proposed to me and I said yes!

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