Season 1: The Gilmore Girls

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Welcome to the greatest, mega Gilmore Girls quiz! It will test your knowledge of the fantastic first season. Fans will do well; obsessive will exceed!

  • 1
    Who tells Rory she’s been accepted to Chilton Academy?
  • 2
    When was the only time Lorelai and Rory ever went to Richard and Emily’s in the past?
  • 3
    Why did Lorelai buy the alarm clock that broke on Rory’s first day at Chilton?

  • 4
    Who, at the club, is the most odious woman alive?
  • 5
    When Rory has a “tantrum” after missing her Shakespeare test, what is the last thing she shouts?
  • 6
    What upset Sookie about Lucien Mills’ restaurant review?

  • 7
    Who did Emily invite to Rory’s birthday party without asking?
  • 8
    What was one of Lorelai’s birthday presents to Rory?
  • 9
    One day when Luke is arguing with Taylor in the diner instead of serving Lorelai and Rory, what is one of the things Rory says to get their attention?
  • 10
    When Luke tries to give the re-enactors coffee, what does Kirk want?

  • 11
    Who likes Rocky Road cookies?
  • 12
    How did Lorelai hurt her back in “Rory’s Dance”?
  • 13
    How long has Stars Hollow been using the same doll as the baby Jesus in the Christmas Pageant?
  • 14
    What was Dean’s nickname around the Gilmore house after the dance?
  • 15
    What was the name of the pet Lorelai abandoned?
  • 16
    Who does Rory rather Lorelai didn’t make out with?

  • 17
    Where did “Rune” come from?
  • 18
    Which of these is a classic?
  • 19
    What did Sookie do that thrilled the Birnbaums at their wedding?
  • 20
    What was Rory almost named?

  • 21
    What did Lorelai name Rory’s chick before she found out it was a girl?
  • 22
    Which is NOT one of the categories of CDs under Lane’s floorboards?
  • 23
    What accompaniment does Lorelai have when she sings her painting song to Luke?
  • 24
    How long does it take Sookie and Michel’s pleasant moment to disappear after Lorelai notices it?
  • 25
    What were the Haydens’ plans for Christopher after high school?
  • 26
    Who walks into the diner and says, “Hey, how’s it going?” right after Lorelai and Luke agree to despise anyone who says that very sentence?

  • 27
    For Rory and Dean, three months is the _____ anniversary?

  • 28
    Madeline’s mother has what kind of a fetish?
  • 29
    Gran has always hated ____, but has always appreciated ____.
  • 30
    When Emily visited Stars Hollow, which was NOT a kind of shoe she didn’t want to borrow?

  • 31
    When Lorelai and Rory fight about Max, where does Rory run away?
  • 32
    What cures Sookie of ennui?
  • 33
    Which is NOT one of the four characteristics of a shoplifter Taylor observed in Rory?
  • 34
    What is the name of Luke's toolbox?
  • 35
    What does Lorelai give Luke as she leaves the diner to find Rory in the last episode?

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