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Glee trivia quiz, seasons 1-5

  • 1
    What is the name of the McKinley High School football team?
  • 2
    Who does Kitty agree to secretly date in season 5?
  • 3
    Who does Finn offer the part of Rizzo in the glee clubs production of Grease?

  • 4
    What game do Puck and Becky play in season 3?
  • 5
    Who returns in season 2 after a failed attempt on Broadway?
  • 6
    Which season of does coach Beiste first appear?

  • 7
    What is the name of the Dalton Academy glee club?
  • 8
    What does Brittany promise if she is elected class president?
  • 9
    How many yearbook pages do the Cheerios get?
  • 10
    What did Puck and Quinn name their baby?

  • 11
    What did Tina fake?
  • 12
    Where did Terri Scheuster work?
  • 13
    Who did Santana pretend to date to hide the fact that she was a lesbian?
  • 14
    What did Santana have done over the summer?
  • 15
    What was the name of the dentist Emma dated?
  • 16
    What condition does Emma Pillsbury suffer from?

  • 17
    What gift did Rachel give Mr. Scheuster when she developed a crush on him?
  • 18
    How did Quinn attempt to make Shelby look like an unfit mother?
  • 19
    Why did Puck end up in juvy?
  • 20
    Why didn't Quinn make it to Rachel and Finns wedding on time?

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