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Golden Quotes

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How well do you know the "Golden Girl" ladies? Enough to know their lines?

  • 1
    D: I'm coming with you?
    S: What are we ____? We don't have to travel in pairs?
  • 2
    R: There was this ____I once knew back in St. Olaf
    S: Please, no one say what ____!
  • 3
    Big Daddy: You know, if there was some ____coming down, this would be the perfect scene for my song

  • 4
    B: How long does Rose have to take care of this pig?
    Chester T. Rainey: As long as he lives.
    B: How long does a pig live?
    CTR: 25 years
    B: How old is this pig?
    CTR: ___
  • 5
    S: Dorothy, who the hell parked a ____ in my bedroom?
  • 6
    B: Oh Dorothy you're right. I'm gonna have to meet men lying down.

  • 7
    D: Minnesota? Are you crazy, Rose? This kid is going to Harvard.
    R: Oh, no Dorothy. Harvard has all those preppy people. No, in Minnesota you'll get a nice mix.
    D: Yea, of ___ maybe!
  • 8
    B: Oh I think she means that news reporter,
    Enrique Mas.
    D: Oh the guy with the dark hair!
    B: Yes. The sexy way he talks. God, I'd love to get him on a couch made out of ____.
  • 9
    S: He has the thing thing that every news reporter needs.
    B: What Sophia?
    S: ____ that doesn't move.
  • 10
    S: Marvin, she has no reason to run your life. She's only your ____.
    Marvin: She's not my ____, she's my wife!

Comments (2)


1980 days ago
#10 is wrong. The answer is worded incorrectly. The correct answer should be sister.sister. He says in response to Sophia" She's not my sister, she's my wife!" Please check the episode again for confirmation.
Golden Girls Guru
2223 days ago
Question one should say "nuns" rather than "nouns" and question 10 should say "sister; sister" instead of "sister; wife."