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  • 1
    Who shops in Gloria's grocery store?
  • 2
    In the episode when Sophia forgets her anniversary, her and Dorothy fly to Brooklyn to visit their old apartment. Sofia and Dorothy have a disagreement on what Sal wrote behind the door. What did Sofia say he wrote?
  • 3
    In the episode where Dorothy takes Sophia to bond and spend quality time, where does she take her?

  • 4
    How did Sophia's father die?
  • 5
    What was the name of the Doctor who was seeing Dorothy but made a move on Blanche?
  • 6
    What toy did Stan use to get over Dorothy?

  • 7
    What was Kate's husband's name?
  • 8
    What was Rose's biological fathers occupation?
  • 9
    In the pilot episode, what was the name of the man Blanche was supposed to marry?
  • 10
    What are the names of Roses children?

  • 11
    In one episode, Blanches grandson comes to visit. What was his name?
  • 12
    How old was Rose when she met Charlie?
  • 13
    Why didn't Dorothy attend her senior prom?
  • 14
    Why did Sophia move in with Dorothy?
  • 15
    In one episode, Roses sister Holly comes for a visit. What does she do in the end that shocks everyone?
  • 16
    In one episode, Stan mentions he rented a storage and stored a car there. What car was it?

  • 17
    Blanches sister Virginia comes for a visit and mentions she needs something from Blanche, what was it?
  • 18
    What was Blanches mothers name?
  • 19
    Blanche mentions she has had 4 kids but has never owned what?
  • 20
    What do Rose and Sophia sell to earn money?

  • 21
    What were the girls arrested for?
  • 22
    What did Rose shoot and end up shattering?
  • 23
    How old was Dorothy when her grandmother died?
  • 24
    What nickname did Sal give Dorothy?
  • 25
    How old was Dorothy when she got her tonsils removed?
  • 26
    What was Blanches nickname that her mother gave her?

  • 27
    What sport did Dorothy play in high school?
  • 28
    Where does Blanche work?
  • 29
    What petition did everyone sign to save?
  • 30
    What disease did Dorothy have?

  • 31
    Roses sister Holly when first arrived, is wearing a bright floral dress. It is shown being worn on another character in a later episode. Who was wearing it?
  • 32
    Where did Stan meet Chrissy?
  • 33
    When Dorothy has plans with Barbara Thorndyke, Rose explains she was counting on Dorothy to help her with something. What was it?
  • 34
    In a flashback episode Sofia is seen Doing what job to earn extra money?
  • 35
    Phil was buried dressed in what?
  • 36
    When Rose asks for a challenging position at work, what news story does she cover?
  • 37
    What was Dorothy's let as a child?
  • 38
    38. What does Rose say the brown bear cannot mate with what other animal or else it would explode?
  • 39
    39. In one episode Dorothy has a boyfriend that is a lawyer whom later becomes a clown. Which actor portrayed this character?
  • 40
    40. Why does Blanche pretend to have a Mercedes for sale?
  • 41
    Rose gets custody of an animal after her uncle dies. What animal was it?
  • 42
    The Headless Boy is an integral part of which holiday celebration in St. Olaf?
  • 43
    What was a Zbornie that Stan invented?
  • 44
    What is Blanches maiden name?
  • 45
    What landmark was destroyed by a hurricane while Rose and Blanche were hosting a telethon for its preservation?
  • 46
    50. How many men did rose date before she met Charlie?
  • 47
    When did George propose to Blanche?

Comments (12)


512 days ago
George proposed to Blanche on Valentine’s Day.
1237 days ago
George proposed to Blanche on Valentine's Day...not Christmas!
1716 days ago
I'm a avid watcher of the GG. The questions were not specific enough. Like when Stan has the "traffic cone" that is wearing some sort of "monkey suit". And when Dorthy wants to spend quality time with her mom, she takes her to Disney World in Orlando, Fl, NOT Disneyland in Anaheim, CA
1732 days ago
Some of your answers are not correct; George purposed to Blanche on St. Valentine's Day and not Christmas. While staying in a shady motel the girls were arrested for prostitution.
1821 days ago
Question 46 should read "How many men did Rose date before she MARRIED Charlie. She met Charlie as a child.
1898 days ago
George proposed to Blanche on St. Valentine's Day NOT Christmas. Also, Dorothy and Sophia went to DISNEY WORLD. They lived in Florida for God's sake. Please get your facts straight Quiz Master.
2299 days ago
To Ultimate Fan, Nope, it was Blanche who had Matthew
And Rose's, granddaughter was Charlie
But I agree with Hailey. A few of these answers are wrong in the Quiz.
2518 days ago
Rose also mentions a son named Adam
2520 days ago
I must echo Hailey's comment. Blanche is proposed to on Valentine's Day and Dorothy and Sophia go to Disney World, not Disneyland.
2550 days ago
A lot of these answers and questions are incorrect. First, Dorothy and Sophia didn't spend quality time in any of the listed places. They went to Disneyworld which is located in Florida, not Disneyland which is in California. Also, George DID propose on Valentines Day. There is an episode where Blanche goes to the same bistro that George proposed at and when a boy came in telling her that he was planning a proposal in that same place she said "Now way a minute! Don't tell me you're going to pop the question right here on Saint Valentines Day like George did!" And the waiter says, after Blanche asked for two glasses of champagne, "it's Valentines Day lady, not Saint Patricks Day." Don't make quizzes if the answers and questions are wrong.
2594 days ago
Rose also had 2 sons, Matthew and Charlie Jr
2705 days ago
George did not propose on xmas, he proposed on valentines day. Christmas day was when Blanche took off with Dirk to marry him in high school. Here's a clip to show you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkfJpsj7 ahM