The Golden Girls - Sophia
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The Golden Girls - Sophia

Question 1:What was carved in the closet of Sophia's bedroom in NY?
Sal and Sophia Forever
Sal N Sophia
Sal Loves Sophia
Sophia N Sal
None Of The Above

Question 2:What is the nickname that Sophia calls her daughter Dorothy?
Kitty cat
Cat N Mouse
Sweetie Pop
None Of The Above

Question 3:When Sophia was hit in the head with a baseball and in the hospital, Stan wanted to jog her memory by asking 'Sophia, Its me Stan, do you remember me?' How did Sophia respond?
Stan, Tall, Yutz, Face looks like a monkey's behind?
Unfortunately yes!
Yea, you knocked up my daughter at 17 years old.
Will you shut up I'm trying to sleep!
None Of The Above

Question 4:What was the name of Sophia's first husband? (the marriage she had annulled)
None Of The Above

Question 5:What did Sophia share with her son when he was 16?
Her shoes
Her best recipes
An Underwear drawer
A donkey
None Of The Above

Question 6:Why did Sophia hate her daughter-in-law 'Big Sally' (Angela)?
'Big Sally' was the one who got Phil to start cross dressing
'Big Sally' dressed her male children in dresses.
'Big Sally' never let Phil visit his mother.
'Big Sally's' dowry check bounced
None Of The Above

Question 7:What comic book did Sophia enjoy as a child?
She hated comic books
The Adventures of Guido
None Of The Above
Benito The Hood

Question 8:What was Sophia arrested for (which involved a hot plate)?
Allegedly Burning down Sunny Pastures
Kidnapping her friend Edna from a rest home
Stealing a man's credit card at the mall
None Of The Above
Allegedly Burning down Shady Pines

Question 9:Why is it implied that Sophia's son Phil began to cross dress?
'Big Sally' started it
Dorothy started it
He never cross dressed
Sophia dressed him in Dorothy's hand-me-downs.
None Of The Above

Question 10:When Rose dream's about the girls all having their heads frozen, what type of body did Sophia get?
The body of a 25 year old man
The body of a 94 year old woman
The body of a 94 year old man
None Of The Above
The body of a 25 year old woman

Question 11:When the airconditioner goes out, and Sophia is trying to stay cool, what does she do?
Ride a friends electric wheelchair around at top speed to get a nice breeze
Drinks a bottle of gin and passes out , if she’s passed out she wont notice the heat
Run through the sprinkler in her underwear
Imagines herself on a snowy mountain top, with a ski instructor names Fritz
None Of The Above

Question 12:When Sophia is dating Rocko, why does she almost break up with him?
He cheated on her
He moved in with her sister
He was rude to Dorothy
None Of The Above
She thought he robbed a bank

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