Golden Girls - Dorothy
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Golden Girls - Dorothy

Question 1:When Dorothy is telling Blanche that they have no secrets between each other, what is her reasoning?
They lived together for so long
Blanche once caught her walking out of the kitchen naked with an oreo cookie in her mouth
They both had sex with Stanley
They both dated Stanley
None Of The Above

Question 2:When Blanche's daughter is in town, and Sophia has to go to the doctor, how does Dorothy finally convince Sophia to see the doctor?
Dorothy tells her the doctor is Sophia's brother-in-law
Dorothy tells her that Blanche's daughter is too scared to go alone, so Sophia must go with her
Dorothy tells her that the doctor is a part time stripper name 'Mr. Big'
None Of The Above
Dorothy tells her that she cannot go to a sperm bank until she has her check up

Question 3:What type of car did Dorothy once get pregnant in the back seat of?
None Of The Above

Question 4:What did Dorothy's father do when he found out Dorothy was pregnant with her first child?
Cry from happiness
Chase Stanely down the street with a Salami
Cry from sorrow
Force Stanley to marry Dorothy
None Of The Above

Question 5:What was Dorothy's nickname as a child? (she was known by this name with the PTA)
Kitty Cat
None Of The Above

Question 6:What home made gift did Dorothy get from Rose one Christmas?
A pair of wooden shoes
A wooden broach
A Cow-milking device
A spout to put in a tree to get Maple syrup
None Of The Above

Question 7:What is the name of the man that Dorothy met through the personals (thanks to her mother) who she refers to as a 'love machine.'
None Of The Above

Question 8:Sophia tells Dorothy that when Dorothy was a child, she had the highest IQ in Brooklyn. (this was not true)What does Sophia say Dorothy's IQ was?
None Of The Above

Question 9:When Dorothy and Stanely are audited, and they have to pay a fine, what does Dorothy pawn to get the money?
A necklace Stanely's mother gave her
A Diamond bracelet Stanely gave her
A Diamond ring Stanley's mother gave her as a birthday present
None Of The Above
A Diamond ring Stanely brought her

Question 10:What was the name of the teacher that Dorothy had a huge crush on, but he was only interested in her brain?
Mr. Noretti
Mr. Glick
Mr. Smith
None Of The Above
Mr. Gordon

Question 11:How many times was Dorothy married?
None Of The Above

Question 12:At the end of the series, Dorothy married who's uncle?
None Of The Above

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