Golden Girls - Blanche
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Golden Girls - Blanche

Question 1:How many relationships does Blanche claim to have had?
None Of The Above

Question 2:Blanche has a dream that one of her loved ones were actually alive. (In this dream Sonny Bono and Lyle Wagner were both interested in Dorothy.) Who did Blanche dream came back from the dead?
Her Mother
Her Father
None Of The Above

Question 3:During one episode, who's husband did Blanche think she may have slept with?
Dorothy's Sister's
None Of The Above

Question 4:What was the theme of the party that Blanche invited 12 men to, and no women (except of course the other 3 girls)?
A Sophia Getting Out Of Prison Party
Save The Mckinley Lighthouse Party
Her Birthday Party
A Moonlight Madness Party
None Of The Above

Question 5:What does Blanche do to Rose after Rose 'out's' Blanche as a lesbian on national TV?
Blanche Sleeps with Rose's boyfriend
Blanche turns off Rose's heat
Blanche Sleeps with Rose's Boss
Blanche tries to evict Rose
None Of The Above

Question 6:Who did Blanche compete with over Fidel Santiago?
None Of The Above

Question 7:What does Blanche offer Dorothy for a Mercedes?
Her house
The war bonds she brought from Rose
One of her children
None Of The Above

Question 8:What does Blanche think will be fun to do when taking Sophia to the shoe store?
Have Sophia not wear any underwear, so they can scare the hell out of the salesman
Have Sophia lean over and thrust her chest into the shoe salesman's face
Pretend that Blanche and Sophia are lesbian lovers
Tell the shoe salesman that Sophia has a foot fetish and pretend she is excited
None Of The Above

Question 9:What is the nickname that Blanche calls herself?
None Of The Above

Question 10:What did Blanche get arrested for when protesting on a dock for dolphins?
Flashing a fisherman
Skinny dipping with a fisherman
Pickpocketing a fisherman
Punching a fisherman
None of the above

Question 11:When Blanche gets a huge bonus at work, what does she plan to do with it?
Buy a whole new wardrobe
Hire a really good looking gardener
Get her breasts enlarged
Put Sophia in Shady Pines
None Of The Above

Question 12:When Blanche is 'sitting' for Sophia, where does Sophia run off to?
None Of The Above

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