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Do you know Heartland at all?

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  • 1
    Is Amber Marshall the actress that plays Amy?
  • 2
    Phoenix is the name of Jacks horse?
  • 3
    Tim's first horse Champ was a chestnut?

  • 4
    Tim gets married by the end of season 6?
  • 5
    Mallory wants to go on a date with Jake but he doesn't feel the same in season 3?
  • 6
    Amy was able to save Spartan after the accident?

  • 7
    Lou and Peter stay together for the whole of the heartland series?
  • 8
    There is 13 seasons of heartland?
  • 9
    Georgie does not graduate high school?
  • 10
    Amy and Ty get a divorce?

  • 11
    The loft is where Amy and Ty have there baby?
  • 12
    Lou has 2 children with Peter?
  • 13
    Georgie gets married to Adam?
  • 14
    Georgie goes overseas with Phoenix?
  • 15
    Tim does not survive after being shot by some cattle rustlers?
  • 16
    Spartan brakes his leg while Mallory riding him at a shoe and he has to be euthanized?

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