Home and Away 2017

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Take this quiz and find out if you paid attention in the bay in 2017

  • 1
    In January, there was a bush fire during a music festival. Who organized the festival?
  • 2
    This year, 2 characters returned to Summer Bay. Who were they?
  • 3
    VJ and Billie were having a baby. But the baby wasn't VJ's. Who is the baby's father?

  • 4
    When Mick came back to see Irene, Irene ran to the door for help. Who was there to help her?
  • 5
    Justin proposed to Phoebe! But after she stormed out and they spoke on the beach, what did Justin say to make Phoebe think?
  • 6
    Who was told that he had a tumor this year and that he had lit the fires?

  • 7
    It's been a big year for one character in particular. His sister died, his 'dead' brother turned up and he is now the sole carer of his sisters baby. Who is this?
  • 8
    Who has been taking ice?
  • 9
    Alf was attacked by a man who has amnesia. What name is he given by the nurses?
  • 10
    Who is the mystery man who attacked Alf dating?

  • 11
    Which 2 characters were in a car crash leaving one of them paralyzed?
  • 12
    There is a new family in the bay. What is their surname?
  • 13
    What are the names of the 2 sisters who recently moved into the bay?
  • 14
    How many deaths have there been in 2017?
  • 15
    How many new characters have moved into Summer Bay in 2017?

Comments (10)


913 days ago
this quiz is gucci gucci
1017 days ago
Apparently I eat sleep and breathe summer bay. No way. It would taste to spicey because of all the drama. Nah I love it . My dad my sister and I always watch it everyday it's on. My mum used to watch it until about 6 years ago. Now she hates it....>:-(. WHY????????!!!!!!!!?!?!?!
1017 days ago
I actually thought Kat died. I got all the old characters questions wrong I forgot about Beth. I loved her it was so sad I cried over her death for ages. Kinda sad because she wasn't there for long and also it's just a TV show....... :-(
1155 days ago
4 people have died this year and 8 people have moved to the bay: the astonis (4) plus scarlet (not sure if she counts cos she left), robbo, willow and ryder...
1162 days ago
Hi Faye Martin, Scott Lee (Hunter King) and Raechelle Banno (Olivia) are not dating in real life. Raechelle said she loves everyone on set but not in that way
1162 days ago
Hi Summer Bay Girl, thank you for your comment. The reason the quiz is slightly different is that it was correct to the time of making in the UK. In the UK Kat and her baby haven't died yet. And they wont die until 2018 so I didn't put it in this 2017 quiz. Also Willow hasn't arrived yet and I must have just made a mistake with the other people that have arrived. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I'll be sure to correct the mistakes
1167 days ago
Not to be rude but the last 2 were wrong. There were 4 deaths. Billie, Beth, Kat and her baby. And 8 people moved to the bay. The Astoni's makes 4 plus Robbo, Beth, Scarlett and Willow.
1177 days ago
Are Scott Lee and Rihanna Bassa who plays Oliva Dating In-Real-Life ...
1203 days ago
Hi Iesha, thanks for your comment. The information was correct to the time that the quiz was created and at that time Beth hadn't died. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'll get it changed
1214 days ago
2 people died beth and billie but the test only said 1 person died