I Love Lucy

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A basic quiz on the "I Love Lucy" TV show

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    What state is the show set in?

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1532 days ago
Whoo hoo! I got 9 out of 10 questions right! I about have all of the I Love Lucy episodes expect for season 5. The I Love Lucy episode, Baby Pictures is funny. I like little Stevie best than little Ricky. In the I Love Lucy episode, Job Switching is funny at the end, when Ricky and Fred get Lucy and Ethel a 5 pound of chocolate when you saw them at the candy factory,they were eating half the candy!! In the episode the Ricardo's go to Japan, Lucy's wig fell of at the end, which showed all of her red hair! In the episode Lucy and Ethel buy the same dress is funny.
When they sang the song Friendship, I knew it was going to lead to some trouble. Lucy and
Ethel at the end, start tearing of the decorations of! Then at the very end of the movie, Fred and Ricky come get there wives and sing Friendship.
2179 days ago
You need to have someone recheck all your quizzes before posting them for playing. I missed 1 out of 10. You quiz scored me and validated I missed 1 out of 10. Yet the final score shows I missed 2 questions. Will not take any more quizzes from this site until problems are fixed.