ICarly Season 6 Quiz

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This is a 15 question quiz based on iCarly Season 6

For those confused, season 6 is iApril Fools Day-iGoodbye

  • 1
    In iApril Fools, T-Bo is portraying a who?
  • 2
    In iGo One Direction, who takes over as the main singer?
  • 3
    In iOpen a Restaurant, who opens a restaurant?

  • 4
    In iPear Store, who gets a job?
  • 5
    In iBattle Chip, Gibby has a
  • 6
    In iBattle Chip, how does Chip get defeated?

  • 7
    In iShock America, the iCarly gang go to New York to be on whose show?
  • 8
    In iGet Banned, Carly gets banned from where?
  • 9
    In iFind Spencer Friends, how many "friends" do the kids find for Spencer, who eat with him?
  • 10
    In iRescue Carly, who's party does Carly get invited to where Sam strongly suggests she shouldn't go?

  • 11
    In iLost My Head in Vegas, the gang travels to a what kind of place?
  • 12
    In iBust a Thief, Spencer takes who to Funky Festers?
  • 13
    In iGoodbye, Carly is upset that her father can't come to what?
  • 14
    Spencer gives who a motorcycle in the last episode?
  • 15
    Who is the only main character to not get a flashback at the end of the episode?

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