ICarly Season 4 Quiz

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This is a quiz based on iGot a Hot Room-iParty with Victorious

  • 1
    In iGot a Hot Room, who burns Carly's room?
  • 2
    In iSam's Mom, who portrays Sam's mom?
  • 3
    In iGet Pranky, who couldn't control their pranks?

  • 4
    In iSell Penny-Tees, Spencer dates a girl from where?
  • 5
    In iDo, who does Gordan's fiance like?
  • 6
    In iDo, Gibby gets a $5 with the help of who?

  • 7
    In iHire an Idiot, who is the boy that is hired?
  • 8
    In iPity the Nevel, Spencer does what of the following things to get the kids attention?
  • 9
    In iOMG, Sam falls in love with
  • 10
    In iParty With Victorious, who is Carly and Tori's boyfriend?

  • 11
    In iParty with Victorious, who guest stars?
  • 12
    In iParty With Victorious, who wears a Drake and Josh hat?
  • 13
    All of these things in this season are different except what?

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