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Here is a quiz based on the episodes iSaw Him First-iFight Shelby Marx

  • 1
    Who does Carly and Sam like in iSaw Him First?
  • 2
    In iStage an Intervention, what game does Spencer get hooked on to?
  • 3
    In iOwe You, how much does Sam owe Carly and Freddie?

  • 4
    In iHurt Lewbert, who falls in love with Lewbert?
  • 5
    In iGo to Japan, Spencer and Mrs. Benson get trapped in what?
  • 6
    In iPie, who does Spencer hope to get the recipe from?

  • 7
    In iChristmas, Spencer burns down the what?
  • 8
    In iKiss, who hasn't had their first kiss?
  • 9
    In iGive Away a Car, does Spencer buy the actual proton cruiser from galaxy wars?
  • 10
    In iRocked the Vote, the gang tells the iCarly viewers to vote for who?

  • 11
    In iMeet Fred, Spencer has a magic what?
  • 12
    In iLook Alike, who disapproves of the gang going to the mma fight?
  • 13
    In iWant My Website Back, who takes the url first?
  • 14
    In iMake Sam Girlier, why does Sam want to be girlier?
  • 15
    In iGo Nuclear, who goes on the retreat at the end?
  • 16
    In iDate a Bad Boy, who does Carly fall in love with?

  • 17
    In iReunite with Missy, Missy hates who?
  • 18
    In iTake on Dingo, Freddie and Spencer find what of a network?
  • 19
    In iMust Have Locker 239, who shares a locker?
  • 20
    In iTwins, Freddie is convinced that Sam's twin sister is not real. Who is the sister?

  • 21
    In iFight Shelby Marx, who is Shelby Marx?

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659 days ago
i like this show it is the best nickelodeon show ever on tv