Disney Channel's Jessie Quiz!

Do you think you really know Disney's awesome show, Jessie? All right, then let's see if you can call yourself a "Jessie Genius"! Try my test now...game on! (IMPORTANT: All images of Jessie and its characters are copyrighted by Disney.)

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    Luke is crushing on:

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81 days ago
My favorite character is probably Luke. I got 10/10 questions right
266 days ago
This is one of disneys best shows. My favorate character is Zuri or Luke. I got 10/10 on this quiz.
302 days ago
I love the show Jessie my favorite character is Zuri because she is funny.
334 days ago
I love peyton
334 days ago
Omg peyton actually chatted on here i love you as Emma and as peyton so if u read this and or comment about it I will legit die
578 days ago
this quiz is SOOOOOOO FUN!!! like so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOEVER MADE THIS... U CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
621 days ago
Jessie Genius!
You're the best ever! You got nine or all answers correct out of 10. You could rattle off the characters' names, ages, hair colours, etc., in your sleep. Try to educate the "Watch More Jessie" and the "OKs," and maybe challenge your friends to beat your awesome score!

You have correctly answered 10 of 10 questions.

652 days ago
i got it alllll right im a jessie genius
653 days ago
Also Jessie is the best show in the milky way galaxy( not that the other planets have shows)
653 days ago
Love Jessie too I have met Debby Ryan before and she is awesome
738 days ago
jessie is great show i love it soooo much i always eat grilled cheese when i watch it itโ€™s the coolest most greatest show evr!
792 days ago
Hi I got 10/10 bc y'all gave me advice
I'm guessing I died? Or just tired?
840 days ago
Hello Place I Am Very Bored So I Did The Quiz AGAIN And 9 out of 10 bc THE CREEPY CONNIE ONE!!!!!!!!!
841 days ago
Woooooooow same as ME ๐Ÿ˜Š. Also Watermelon it was years ago i think most of us know. (Not to be rude)*_*
846 days ago
Hi guys love Jessie 9out of 10
855 days ago
9 out if 10 bc the creepy connie one. Also tmi to the ppl who have a crush on cameron. But my cousin is crazy for him. Im not. Hi hi hi Hi hI HI hi!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ I Love Jessie!
880 days ago
I LOVE JESSIE it's the best show ever
919 days ago
jessie is my favorite show rip cameron boyce
921 days ago
Rest in peace Luke a.k.a. Cameron Boyce
931 days ago
Umm question 7 is wrong. Luke didnโ€™t have a crush on Creepy Connie. She had a crush on him